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Do more and more

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Moving on with study in Thessalonians
seniors gone
retreat is over
How many have already fallen back to old ways and sins?
YG goes on to graduate more faithful students becoming young adults
some of us cannot wait to be done with it
too much of the same things
There is a place for it and it is to help us to become better Christians in the end.
Paul did the same in Thessalonians as he come into the exhortation part of 1 Thessalonians

More and More

After declaring - all of the content before was Paul giving thanks for the things that they are doing, “finally” he comes to the exhortation part
all letters are written for a purpose, an exhortation
He already stated that they have been doing well
seeing in the previous chapters we can see how he was pleasantly pleased with the things the Thessalonians did (3:6, 2:13, 1:2-3)
Yet, what he confirms, he calls them to do more
Paul was aware that the Thessalonians were doing these things already and yet still, he is calling them to, urging them to follow the commandments
Christian life is a constant process of sanctification
it is not only about knowing but continually to pursue and push for sanctification
누가복음 9:23 ESV
And he said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.
Why is this necessary? For we still live in our sinful bodies, and we are called to change gradually
Why daily? Even though the work of the cross of Christ has been finished once and for all, we are called to do it DAILY
Why is this necessary?
For we still live in our sinful bodies, and we are called to change gradually
Some might be annoyed and irritated about it
to make one a better person
a sign of love
it depends on how we take it in
2 Big things that Paul is calling the Thessalonians to follow and to do

Sexual Immorality

the first things he mentions is sexual sin
for it is not only a sin we do to other people but also to oneself
고린도전서 6:18 ESV
Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.
4:5-6 & other passage
We have heard it before in our retreat, but we will as said repeat to say these things for our reminders to help us to keep on going.
Very potent and dangerous thing
Very potent and dangerous thing - prob nothing is more potent and dangerous than this
Whereas money and drugs are man-made temptations and abuse, sexual sin is different because it seems so natural.
Drugs vs. Drugs
we use the things and substances that should be beneficial to us in perverted ways
definition of sin - taking God’s creation and making it perverted to glorify oneself
Drugs are used to glorify oneself
Sex outside of marriage just does that - it is about the self-gratification and glorification
It is also one the Big 3s in this world that brings people to their knees besides money and drugs
It goes beyond the sexual activity and its recklessness but also in terms of how we sexuality with other sexual issues
homosexuality, transgender, etc.
We have become too accustomed to it
Facebook, media, etc.
In the end it is all about me
my relationships and what I want to do with my body
the most common excuse
However, in terms of sexual immorality and sin, the point that we must understand is that all relationship is God-governed
it is foolish to think that what we do behind close doors with other people is no one’s business - yes, we are not to judge them accordingly, but God still says, it is wrong
Paul is calling them to be aware not to take the fun away but to show them their calling of something greater

Brotherly Love

Paul admits that they are doing well in that - 4:9 - but reminds them that they need to keep doing this more and more!
because loving others is also a very messy issue
because people are different, it is almost impossible to be perfect in all relationships - but we can try and work for it
Because we have the Gospel.
In what ways does Paul tell us to love each other.
a bit confusing at first to see the points he makes but we will break things down.
the first 2 two can be confusing but can be understood in those ways given the context of the Bible
minding your own business
What does that mean?
A lot of us do that - leave them alone - personal bubble, etc.
The New American Commentary: 1, 2 Thessalonians 3. Exhortations regarding Brotherly Love (4:9–12)

It should be clear from Paul’s own history, however, that living quietly did not mean the church should tone down its proclamation of the gospel. On the contrary, Paul consistently encouraged boldness in this regard.

- without context and compassion
without context and compassion
live quietly
no say no problem - this is how we live - to unbelievers and believers - however not necessarily the right way.
시편 133:1 ESV
Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!
to dwell together - we learned about this word - it is more than just being together. It means really living together in intimacy.
We know from the Bible that we are called to be loud and make noise not only to believer but especially to unbelievers
We are to forgive but not to ignore - and
again, God calls us to get involved in other peoples’ lives and to preach the Gospel, so what does that mean?
If we misunderstand these two points, we come to these two conclusions
without context and compassion
self-justified Christian
explain how that happens - getting self-absorbed and indifferent to other people
We are called to of course not to judge, that is most likely the case here to call people out in loving others and to know that God has everything under control
instead of going to one extreme of judging and shaming people - to call people to basically chill and to let them not think that is their business in terms of that they need to be the judge!
The next points could be also confusing but I will summed this up in the end
work still matters - giving up work for the sake of Christ?
still life is going on and not follow wrong beliefs to give up this world.
be independent
do not put harm or burden upon others.
What do those things imply and refer to brotherly love?
active and passive brotherly love
not only about the things that we do to other but actually helping them by doing things ourselves - we have to think further than just the active outwards things in loving others but even the passive things
common manners
for the sake of outsiders and to relief insiders - that all can benefit from it.

The Coming of the Lord

What is the reason for all of this commandment again?
The reason for these commandments are again so that they are informed and knowledgeable in the fact that Jesus comes back!
So that when Jesus comes down we will be caught doing the things and acts of love and compassion! - 4:17
So that when Jesus comes down we will be caught doing the things and acts of love and compassion! - 4:17
“therefore” shows us and Paul again tells us that we should encourage each other with these words. - 4:18
“therefore” shows us and Paul again tells us that we should encourage each other with these words. - 4:18
It is again to live in the face of the Lord knowing that in the end we will be judged.


There are are more things to be done - the graduation, retreat, etc. are not the ultimate ends but rather means of us becoming sanctified through Christ more and more every day.
Do more to grow in Christ - there is always more to do.
Do not be discouraged knowing that this growing process will never end but rejoice for there is more space to grow!
In the end, it is because of Christ who enabled us to be actually able to be sanctified that we do this.
Also as the bride of Christ, knowing that He will be coming back, we should do all things to be ready and to look good for Him when we meet face to face.
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