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Christ's Delay

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Jesus is telling his disciples about the end times and when he shall return in judgment.

Are you ready?

the 10 virgins
Weddings where the most fun celebrations that people celebrated.
Are you prepared
You may look like those that are prepared
you cannot benefit from another’s preparedness
Explain The Parable
A wedding was the most fun celebration for people in Jesus’ day
An entire town may celebrate a wedding and join in the feast
The best part of the feast was to be a groomsmen or bridesmaid who were closest to the bride and groom
The bridal party would escort the bride and groom all through the town in the evening using torches for light.
The torches, which may be called lamps, would be dipped in oil prior to lighting and may need to be re-oiled multiple times during their parade of light.
It was absolutely necessary to bring extra oil to celebrate the wedding
After announcing to the whole town the start of the wedding while parading the Bridal party would take seats of honor at the feast
Explain the point
Both the foolish and the wise bridesmaids looked the same
dressed for the wedding
Carrying their lamps
They both where waiting for the coming of the bridegroom
Both wanted to celebrate the wedding feast
But the foolish where not prepared
What do you think the bridesmaids represent?
Is it Christian and non Christian?
No, both the foolish and the wise represent those who claim to be Christians
Both are waiting on the return of the Bridegroom/Christ
Both carry lamps
Not all are prepared/Saved
Our church and family’s have both types
We may all claim to look forward to Christs return
We all try to look like Christians
We all claim to love Christ
But some have not prepared for Christ
Some have never been saved
And when the day comes it will be too late
The Parable of the servants
The last parable teaches that we must be genuinely saved as we wait for the return of christ. the next parable teaches that those who truly love Christ will be doing good works for Christ’s kingdom as they wait for his return.
Explain the parable
At this time business trips could be very long
Travel was slow
Return could be delayed if business was good.. or bad
weather and seasons could additionally delay travel
A master would want his servants to use the money he entrusted with them to make more money.
They could do this in any number of ways depending on their skills
Buy a field and seed to plant and then sell the produce
buy materials to make a finished product such as clothing or a tent
Explain the point
In this parable all 3 servants represent “Christians”
All 3 would claim to be a servant of his master
The Talents or bags of silver represent the Gospel knowledge or spiritual gifts we have been given.
It then is the Christians desire to take what God has given us in knowledge and spiritual gifts and make it grow.
What i know i’m trying to teach to you make an increase.
The first two servants worked diligently for their master even his trip was longer than expected. They did not grow lazy or waste what he gave them.
when he did finally return the two faithful servants where rewarded
it was a joyous occasion
The last servant tries to excuse is laziness by claiming his master is a bad person
He accuses his master of being a thief
The servant obviously does not know his master
the masters response is that if that were really true then he should have invested the money
It is obvious that the servant was lazy
He was not a true servant, he did not know, love, or actually serve his master
If we are servants of Christ we will know, love, and willingly serve him.
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