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Paul’s Example to the Elders

Served with humility through many trials
always was faithful in teaching everything that was profitable, both in public and private
Not afraid to suffer or even die if it means he fulfills his mission that was given to him by God
3 things to remember about the example Paul set
Motive - serve God
Manner - courageously humble determination
Message - Repentance and faith in Jesus Christ
Paul is about to leave and never see these people again so he reminds them of how he set a model for them to follow
This was given to the church leaders of Ephesus but what if we acted like that?
What would change if our motive was always to serve God?
What does it look like to have courageously humble determination?
What would change if we all shared the message of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ?
I think we would all benefit if we modeled our life after Paul who we know modeled his life after Jesus.
Did Jesus always seek to serve God?
Was Jesus courageous, humble, determined? He went to the cross to suffer God punishment of sin , humble to give all glory to God , and again back in nothing could prevent Jesus from fulfilling God’s plan
Are we willing to follow the examples of Jesus and Paul?
First you must believe and trust in Jesus to forgive you of your sins and establish a relationship with God
Then you must determine each day to follow his example

Paul’s Warning to the Elders

First warning is to watch over themselves and then the flock or the rest of people. Why?
Paul says that fierce wolves will come in. What does he mean by wolves?
Then from even among themselves there will be wolves. There will be those who seek to lead people away from God.
We also sin inside us that wants to destroy us but we must fight against it.
The warning was valid because it happened.
What does this mean for you guys?
You may not be an Elder or a church leader but we all must be careful to watch over what we believe. What over what we read, what we watch, what we listen to because everything we take in has an affect on us.
Ex. What you eat.
Ex. What you put into your car
Saying to remember garbage in = garbage out
You can’t put sin into your body and expect holiness to come out

How to Fight

Don’t be careless but always be alert
be aware of sin, be aware of your actions and thoughts and determine are these honoring to God.
Don’t forget the Bible but be committed to knowing and understanding it
Paul says it is able to build you up. It is able to make you more like Jesus which is what should happen each time you read the Bible, each time you hear it taught you should become more like Jesus. Is that happening tonight?
Do not covet but be content with what you have
to covet means to have a deep controlling desire to have what others have but we don’t
You can covet anything from cars, to families, to shoes, everything
Be content with what you have and then Paul goes on to say that we should be working to help out others too! We should work to provide for ourselves and families and those who are in need.
Think what would happen if we were constantly keeping our thoughts and actions focused on Jesus, if we were all committed to reading and understanding the Bible, and if we were all committed to helping others instead of always being selfish?
People would see Christians as different. As Christians we would actually be bringing glory and honor to Jesus Christ.


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