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The Sermon on the Mount

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True Discipleship

I’m going to spring broad off the idea of discipleship that we looked at last week because it is so vital to missions and understanding what missions is all about.
Who can give me an example of someone who was a influential teacher in your life? What made them influential to you?
Through his ministry Jesus was called teacher by many, but only seeing Jesus as a good teacher is not enough. Our faith in Christ demands more. Jesus is more that a teacher and if we are to follow his example and teachings so that we can be his disciples.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor, theologian, spy, anti-Nazi dissident) said this: “No one but Christ himself can call us to discipleship. Discipleship in essence never consists in a decision for this or that specific action; it is always a decision for or against Jesus Christ… The obedience of those who were first called constituted discipleship precisely in that they recognized Christ in the one who was calling them. For them, as for us, it is the hidden Christ who calls. The call as such is ambiguous. What counts in not the call as such, but the one who calls. But Christ can only be recognized in faith. That was true in the same way for the first disciples as it is for us. They saw the rabbi and the miracle worker, and believed in Christ. We hear the word and believe in Christ.”
How does this statement challenge the way that we should read Jesus’s teachings like the Sermon on the Mount?
Tonight we are going to spend few minuets taking a closer look at the Sermon on the Mount because it speaks so directly to how Jesus’ disciples should live.
Tell me what you know about Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount?
Give the students a brief intro to the setting and content of the Sermon.
I am going to hand out a copy of the Sermon on the Mount (all three chapters) and let’s look at the sections of the sermon and think about how these teachings of Jesus relate to discipleship. What would you say are some of Jesus’ top ten teaching and how do they relate to discipleship.
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