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17-7-16, Colossians 1:12, 21-22, 27

The Secret of Life: A Study of the Book of Colossians  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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Everyone is in search for the Secret of Life! We want our lives to have meaning and satisfaction, so we search out that one thing that we believe will give this lasting fullness.
But this is easier said than done. We chase many things, good things, which fill us to the brim, but these can only satisfy for a little while. Then we are on the hunt again. Oh, is there anything that can give us fullness even after everything else is gone?
Yet, when we ask Scripture, “What is the Secret of Life?” It doesn’t hesitate with its answer. God wants us to know what that one thing is. The book of Colossians tells us, “Jesus Christ.”
He is the one who fills us to the brim with meaning and purpose and constantly flows into us, forever and ever.
Scripture says, The secret of life is to bind yourself to Christ so you can experience life to the fullest.
God promises us that if we will believe in Jesus with all of our hearts, and if we will seek the Son, we find our hearts filled with the fullness we’re looking for.
In order to believe in Jesus with our heart of hearts, we’re searching Colossians for what to believe about Him.
Last week, we discovered that in order to be full,
You must believe Jesus Christ is pre-eminent over everything.
You must believe Jesus Christ has saved your life and brought you to safety.
The third principle
Believers are in Christ and thus participate in a relationship of solidarity with Christ in his death on the cross, his resurrection from the dead, his new life, and his fullness.
The fourth principle
Christ has defeated the powers of darkness on the cross, and Christians share in His power and authority over that realm.
The fifth principle
Jesus is the fulfillment of Jewish expectation, and Christians now share in the heritage of the old covenant people of God through their union with Him.
We get to become a part of God’s very own people
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