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He is altogether lovely (Songs 5:16)

Purpose Devotional

Summary the churches Glorious description of our beloved


Recently met a man and his wife 60 years married, 60 years in CHrist. How come he same year married same year they were converted to Christ.

Dear congregation one of the clearest signs of a healthy wholesome marriage is to listen to how the spouse speaks about his beloved how wife speaks about her! So too when it comes to assessing how we think about Christ. The Bible uses the most precious relationship to describe the relationship between Christ the bridegroom and His bride the church?

Writer Solomon

One man identifies 3 characters Solomon Shulamite Shepherd

The old name Canticles -

It is a Poetry book found amongst body of literature. Written by Solomon mentioned few times. Like (Ps 45:1-5) It is a poetic It is written in form of love poem of the middle east wasf. It has 3 main characters beloved Solomon Shulamite woman daughters of Jerusalem onlookers.

The Bride Shulamite –

The Beloved – Shepherd

The Daughters - immature believers?

It is a peculiar book human love It is a book that the rabbis suggest children and single people avoid for fear of the emotions that it stirs. Acc to the Jews No man under 30 should read it On one level it seems quite plain

Some people read the Songs and only see the relationship between man and woman they are in love. They two are married off in early chapters

Courtship 1-3:5

Marriage 3:6-5:1

Separation 5:2-6:3

Mutual devotion 6:4-8:

But what reason would the Holy Spirit have for inspiring Solomon to write a marriage manual in such a mysterious way! Would you expect a man with 700 wives and 300 concubines to write a marriage manual? Surely plain teaching would be better. Look at Gen 2 Ephesians 5 1 Peter 3 and so on!

It is a mysterious book.

AS I alluded to in the introduction , I believe that it is more this is a picture of Christ and his church. It reveals more than meets the eye! Mystery is one in bible speaks of One promised Messiah. Just like must have new heart to understand Christ’s parables must have new heart to understand book of Solomon.

It is a special book. Song of songs is a wonderful book. We believe the whole bible is inspired of God. It is Gods word to men. It has been precious to many Christians through out the ages.


Daughters of Jerusalem ask her q’s- 3 times question. Note The qs (5:9) what is thy beloved (6:1) Whither is Thy beloved gone? Who is this cometh up from the wilderness leaning upon her beloved (8:5)?

Text 5:9-16

5:9 What is thy beloved? What is Christ compared to other gods and other religions?

One man says “carnal hearts see nothing excellent or extraordinary in the Lord Jesus, in his person or offices, in his doctrine or in his favours; as if there were no more in the knowledge of Christ, and in communion with him, than in the knowledge of the world and in its conversation”.

This q brings forth this wonderful description?

A Word of Personal Affirmation

A Word of Perfect Completion

A Word of Profound Affection

Word of Personal Affirmation

Yea He is He is the Yes of God and He is the Yea and amen of His people

Note the Personal aspect 3rd person singular. The Shulamite is speaking of her beloved! See how she describes him! See the affection the interest the love the devotion the singleness of mind

YEA not if but or maybe Yea! Certainty Only one for me and that is He!

Wives would we speak of our husbands with such affectionate words. Husbands may we speak of our wives in such tender tones.

I was with a lady this week and she said it is so good to hear the way we Christian husbands speak to and speak of our wives!

He Is personal existence

He is not was not will be but is!

Think of Him in His Deity divine person He is Ever Living. He has always been and will always be! Rev 1


The believer speaks in personal ways/ Can you say this form a true heart sincere intention He is mine and I am His Not general but specific -


Can you say this friend Yea He is. Not he was not He might be but He is. At some time he was mine but now no more! He is the rose of Sharon the lily of the valley the branch of righteousness Sun without spot lamb without blemish Tonight Christ is saying to you AM I all to you can you add your Amen? As Paul puts it Christ is all and in All

A Word of Personal Affirmation

A Word of Perfect Completion

Altogether word of completeness Altogether in His entirety there is no part that is unlovely! or that he has left out any part of this person he then says he is altogether lovely!

General Position chief of 10,000

Captain of Salvation

Leads the hosts of his people

More important than any judge ruler king prophet angel

He is the fairest of 10,000 there is no one to compare to Him.

Comparison to any 1,000

Particulars of His Person

As Christ is unique no man can plumb the depths of His person

This description is profoundly deep after all thisis the eternal Son of God.

v10 My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

Here this is not language of ethinicity. Word Perfect holy white sign of purity

Better translation Dazzling and radiant the outshining of God effulgence of God Heb 1 How did Isaiah react when He saw Him in the temple (Is 6:1-12) glory of the Lord filled the temple (cf) Johns comment John 12:42

Is this comment on His 2 natures white dazzling glorious and yet like a Man made in the form of a man sinful flesh (Phil 2:8)

What does Matthew record for us in His gospel – Matt Transfiguration

John record for us in His Revelation - white

ruddy full of health and vigour distinguished arresting appearance!

His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven.

Gold thoughts of wisdom. Locks black and bushy Head and locks symbols of distinguished nobility. Vitality Samson had 7 locks what a head of hair!

His eyes are as the eyes of doves by the rivers of waters, washed with milk, and fitly set. Eyes lit Hebrew doves eyes

Doves of Orient Not like our doves.

His eyes are doves - no vindicativenes malice capriciousness there!

Omniscience sees everything As dove rises sees a lot more but our beleoved sees all things.

One thing to have our eyes on him by faith! Another that His eyes are on us all the time!

One day not just be with him but see Him as He is!

Compassionate Kind Loving What does HE see? Trials of faith tribulations in your life your temptations to sin and your triumphs over temptation. Your secret prayers and devotions your hatred of things

He hates and love of things He loves

Fitly set Like jewel in bracelet Twinkle Fitly set no cloud but more eyes of affection twinkle in his eyes!

His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers: his lips like lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh. Fragrance of Christ most sweet

His hands are as gold rings set with the beryl: his belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires.

gold rings outstretched finger ready for action

belly navel modern commentators body- better translation Hebrew Loins reins the impressions and emotions

Christ’s love towards his people knows no bounds. The Altogether lovely loves us unlovely sinners black inside and filthy outside Love eternal - Inseparable Rom 8 nothing can separate us form the love of God Sacrificial Eph 5:24

His legs are as pillars of marble, set upon sockets of fine gold: his countenance is as Lebanon, excellent as the cedars.

This is a Picture Support strength I can do all things though Him that Strengtheneth me

Last attribute she describes interesting it is last!

His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. One man says mouth in place of voice None ever spoke like Him How clear His voice in judgment. How compassionate in calling sinners to repentance. We sing How sweet the name of Jesus How sweet the words of Christ

A Word of Personal Affirmation

A Word of Perfection Completion

A Word of Profound Affection

Profound depth from the heart of man towards the person of Christ.

What is this impression left with the Bride?

Lovely Heb He is altogether lovely

Altogether in His person - God and Man- There is no limit to the Saviour

Altogether in His deity

He is God and there is an altogetherness about Him.

Altogether you cannot add to Him, nor take form Him

the RC - Add to Him and His work

Extreme Charismatics Subtract from Him focus on H/S

Altogether in His salvation

There is none who have ever come to Christ in sincerity repenting of sin forsaking their sin willing to trust their all to Christ that have been turned away.

Altogheter in His satisfaction

Atonement He saves to the uttermost those who come to Him Assurance He has saved you and will never let you go!

Oh He is not just lovely like a flower this word has wonderful attributes and aspects.

From H2530; delightful; hence a delight, that is, object of affection or desire:—beloved, desire, goodly, lovely, pleasant (thing). The superlative beauty of Jesus is all-attracting; it is not so much to be admired as to be loved. He is more than pleasant and fair, he is lovely. Surely the people of God can fully justify the use of this golden word, for he is the object of their warmest love, a love founded on the intrinsic excellence of his person, the complete perfection of his charms.

Look, O disciples of Jesus, to your Master’s lips, and say, “Are they not most sweet?” Do not his words cause your hearts to burn within you as he talks with you by the way? Ye worshippers of Immanuel, look up to his head of much fine gold, and tell me, are not his thoughts precious unto you? Is not your adoration sweetened with affection as ye humbly bow before that countenance which is as Lebanon, excellent as the cedars? Is there not a charm in his every feature, and is not his whole person fragrant with such a savour of his good ointments, that therefore the virgins love him? Is there one member of his glorious body which is not attractive?-one portion of his person which is not a fresh lodestone to our souls?-one office which is not a strong cord to bind your heart? Spurgeon

Our love is not as a seal set upon his heart of love alone; it is fastened upon his arm of power also; nor is there a single part of him upon which it does not fix itself. We anoint his whole person with the sweet spikenard of our fervent love. His whole life we would imitate; his whole character we would transcribe.

In all other beings we see some lack, in him there is all perfection. The best even of his favoured saints have had blots upon their garments and wrinkles upon their brows; he is nothing but loveliness. All earthly suns have their spots: the fair world itself hath its wilderness; we cannot love the whole of the most lovely thing; but Christ Jesus is gold without alloy-light without darkness-glory without cloud-”Yea, he is altogether lovely.”

Only the Believer will echo these words are you a Christian? Then Christ is the altogether lovely one. You can say with the hymn writer

My Jesus I love thee I know thou art Mine

For thee all the pleasures of sin I resign

Believer you will echo - This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.

Here we are remembering The Altogether lovely. Who is this Altogether One. Son of God become son of man to make sons of men to become sons of God”

What has this altogether One done for me?

This is the One who was beloved of His Father. This is the One who always pleased His father and fulfilled the will of the Father to the letter. This is the one who was altogether lovely to His Father and to His own children but hated by the world . TH altogether lovely one. What will it take for us to fall at His feet and worship Him.

Christian Friends What has This Lovely One done to win our hearts and purchase our salvation?

We are all sinners impure within and unclean without Christ has cleansed us .

He came into this unlovely unclean ungodly world to save unlovely unholy sinners like us .

The Altogether Lovely Lord gave his life for unlovely sinners like you and me .

His pure holy blood washed away our impurities and sins


He can give you something you could never get - a new heart

He can do something for you cannot do- give you eternal life

He can save you though you cannot save yourself

A Word of Personal Affirmation

A Word of Perfect Completion

A Word of Profound Affection


Oh He is so precious friends One day He will look upon you in His great Marriage feast and you will sing with the multitudes gathered. Unto Him who hath loved us and washed us of sin unto Him be the glory forever Amen.

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