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GOD_ Who and what is He

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None has been so misused, defiled and mauled.  Men have torn it apart into religious factions, have killed for it and died for it: there is no comparable term to designate the supreme reality and yet it is so often used to disguise the worst impieties (Kung, Hans. 79).

Who and what is God?

Unlearning false knowledge more difficult than learning new material.

  • wrong point of reference
  • Problem is always knowing the right question to ask


  •             study of above physics
  •             physics relates to the senses so that metap is the study of nonsense.

Systematic Theology is based on MP. Dogmatics also.

Focus is on defing the physical nature of God. Misses the whole point of who and what God is.

What does Bible tell us¿

  • Bible doesn't describe the spiritual world in detail.  But it does contradict whole premise ofMP.  Different types/forms of Spirit.
    • God
    • Angelic/created Spirits
    • Demonic world
    • Spirit by which they operate
    • Spirit in man

  • Bible discusses the character of the Spirit world, not its properties.
  • Monotheism
    • only one god
    • different concepts
    • greek; ontological being
    • hebrew; hierarchacial

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