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The Wouldn't Bow - sermon

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They Wouldn’t Bow

Daniel 3:1-30


Big Idea: Be Faithful and God Will Deliver


  1. ILLUS: Little boy praying during a storm. Don’t you trust God? Yes sir, but I need somebody with more skin right now.
  2. The great king has decided to honor his favorite idol God. Built a statue almost 100 feet high by 10 feet wide, made of gold – huge fabulous. Placed it in Dura – means rampart, elevated place. Orders worship.
  3. God made plain to Moses that there was no room for the worship of any other God (Exodus 20:4-6, - #2); a jealous God (vs. 5)


I.)                  The Promise of Faith

A.)                Certain things can be said about the character of their faith.

1.)                 Surprising

(a.)               Likely expected them to shudder and crumble before him

(b.)               Was “filled with wrath”

2.)                 Solid

(a.)               No fumbling, stumbling or stuttering

(b.)               Absolute dependence on God.

3.)                 Without Specific expectations

(a.)               Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t

(b.)               Only expectation was that they could please God

4.)                 Exemplary

(a.)               Nebuchadnezzar learned (vs. 28-30)

(b.)               Because of their unwavering dedication, even people today can learn from them.

B.)                Are there things that can be said of our faith?

II.)                The Power of Faith

A.)                Because of their faith, God did not desert them but protected them in a mighty and visible way.

1.)                 Hebrews 11:32-40

III.)             The Progress of Faith

A.)                Caused their own promotion (vs. 30) 

B.)                More importantly, caused the God of Heaven to be glorified.

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