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A prominent minister once suggested that two of the most important rooms for any minister are the “study” and “prayer closet.” In the study, the minister connects with God through deep reflection. In the prayer closet the minister connects with God through heart-felt petition. What are the dangers of a minister

visiting only one of these rooms to the exclusion of the other? What are the benefits of the minister spending ample times in those rooms?

The Importance of Prayer:

• A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.

• It’s hard to stumble when you’re on your knees.

• God is not moved by people standing but by people kneeling.

The Importance of Reading:

• John Wesley once challenged preachers, “Either read or get out of the ministry.” Did you ever wonder when a circuit-riding preacher like Wesley found time to read? He developed a saddle where he could ride backwards and place his books on the back of the horse. And when his daily sermonizing ended, he requested a bed with a candle placed nightly beside the bed for reading.

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