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Benched! (Don't be your own worst enemy)

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When Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe was replaced by second-string quarterback

Tony Romo in the Monday night game against the New York Giants (Oct. 23, 2006), Dallas Morning News sports writer Jean-Jacques Taylor, wrote:

“As much as the Cowboys failed Bledsoe, he failed himself. He entered the season with a tremendous hold on the team and did nothing to solidify himself as ‘the guy.’ His teammates

like him but consider him aloof. Others thought he was cocky

“Some of that is understandable, considering he is a 14-year veteran with four kids and a wife. Many of his teammates are single or married without children.

“There is also a certain amount of confidence and status that accompanies a player picked number one overall in the draft—even if it was 14 years ago… but he needs to work harder to make his teammates want to rally around him….

“The question is whether Bledsoe remains with the team. There is no guarantee he will. He is worth millions, and he has a winery that needs attending… and he has never given the impression that he is passionate about football.”

Several lessons for pastor-leaders emerge from this analysis:

• You can’t remain aloof or cocky from those around you and be effective.

• When you lose your passion, you lose your leadership.

• Too many outside interests may cause you to lose your main focus.

• It takes work to build good relationships.

• Being around a long time doesn’t guarantee success.

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