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We all preach funerals from time to time. Here is a good way to close one. In a speech to the

joint session of Congress March 27, 1990, on the 100th anniversary of General Eisenhower’s

birthday, his son, John S.D. Eisenhower, closed by saying, “Ike is now part of history, gone

from us for twenty-one years tomorrow, and one line of the West Point Alma Mater comes to

mind. The words read:

“And when our work is done,

Our course on earth is run,

May it be said, ‘Well done: be thou at peace.’ ”

This is the way Dwight Eisenhower would like to be remembered by those he left behind, and

I think this is the way the deceased would like to be remembered by those he has left behind.

(Ike, p. 236)

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