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The Kind of Men Christ Needs

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Title The Kind of Men Christ Needs

Text Acts 4:13-20

Introduction Dr. A.C. Archibald reminds us in first-century Christianity, the burden was

upon the man in the pew, but when perversion came the emphasis was

transferred to “the man at the alter.” A professional ministry is necessary,

but it is not sufficient. The great need of the church today is laymen

committed to Him. What kind of men does Christ need?

I Christ needs ordinary men. These were “ignorant” and “unlearned” (vs. 13),

i.e., untrained, nonprofessionals. Harry Emerson Fosdick said, “Democracy

is based on the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in

ordinary people.” So is Christianity.

II Christ needs obedient men. When threatened they said, “We cannot but

speak the things which we have seen and heard.” (vs. 20) The secret to John

Knox’s life was: “He feared God so much that he never feared the face of

any man.” H. G. Wells said, “The trouble with so many people is that the

voice of their neighbor sounds louder in their ears than the voice of God.”

III Christ needs optimistic men. They were convinced of the sovereignty of God

(vs. 25-28).

Conclusion James S. Stewart said, “The supreme need of the church is the same in the

twentieth century as in the first: it is men on fire for Christ.” Will you be one?

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