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Charles Schultz, the creator of the comic strip Peanuts, once quipped, “Life is easier if you dread only one day at a time.”

Sportscaster Harry Kalas once introduced ballplayer Garry Maddox of the Philadelphia Phillies by saying, “Garry has turned his life around.  He used to be depressed and miserable.  Now he’s miserable and depressed.” (Quoted by John Maxwell in Today Matters (New York:  Warner Faith, 2004), p. 159.)

I don’t believe the Lord wants us to be dread one day at a time.  He doesn’t want us to be miserable and depressed in life, nor depressed and miserable.  But the devil does, and Satan knows how to send hardships from every direction.  There are some days when, frankly and honestly, I lose the sense of joy I should have as a Christian.  I had such a day a couple of weeks ago.  There are some days when I just want to pack my bags and take a long trip.  But when my heart is reflecting the promises of God by simple faith believing, then I’m able to abide in the joy God wants me to have.

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