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Holy Spirit

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I heard a story about some missionaries in Africa

who were translating the Bible into the Karre language.

They had a hard time translating the word that Jesus used

for the Holy Spirit, which is the word paraclete. One day the

translators came across a group of porters going off into the

bush carrying bundles on their heads. They noticed that in

the line of porters there was always one person who didn’t

carry anything. They assumed he was there to make sure

everyone did their work. But then they found out he wasn’t

the boss; he had a special job. He was there in case

anyone fell over with exhaustion; he would come and pick

up the man’s load and carry it for him. There was a word

they used to designate this porter which meant “the one

who falls down beside us.” That became the word they used

for paraclete.

That’s what the Holy Spirit is for us. Right at the

moment we fall; right at the moment we need him the

most; right at the moment don’t know what to say; he’ll

come beside us and fill us and empower us.

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