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God Uses Gideon

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What is the theme of Judges?

A common phrase seen in the book of Judges is that “the people of Israel did what was right in their own eyes.”
Before we jump in our lesson let us recap what has happened up until this point; The context of scripture or the surrounding passages bring meaning!
History recap-The Lord Miraculously rescued and redeemed the people of Israel and through Joshua they defeated and rove out many of the nations surrounding them. The text tells us that after Joshua died the people began to comprimise and do what was right in their own eyes. So now we are in the book of Judges this time period is describe as in the days where there was no king and Israel did what was right in their own eyes.
Judges begins with the people saying well…Joshua is dead so who is going up to lead us to fight… The lord answered the tribe of Judah and they have success bu the text tells that they failed to complete the job!
The Lord rebuked them! You guys have not obeyed my voice!
v.11 tell us that the people of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the LORD and served baals!
After Joshua the people began to following the God of Baal and Ashteroth and broke his commandments and I want to show you guys how patient God is! The
Judges describes a time period theres no king, and the people doing bad and as a result God disciplines them! They cry out and God is merciful and raises up a leader and things are good for awhile but the leader dies and they return back to sin.. God disciplines and they cry and he raises up a judge and etc.
Today we are going to be looking at and we are going to be looking at Gideon and how God used and Gideon and the point of pointing out to Gideon is that God can use us to!
What are some of the reasons why you or people you know have been think God cannot use you?
*Not Equipped
*Not a gifter speaker
*Lack good looks
Let us look at Gideon and see which of theses apply to him, and see hod God used him?
Gideon Calling
Destroying the Ball
Sign of the Fleece
*Doubtful and hesitant
*Like the shooting star analogy
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