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Unfairness in Life

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Life’s Unfairness

Life’s unfair
People in life are even more so
Let me tell you about a man who was treated unfairly
He had a heart for God
He had a talent to play music
But anytime he reached out to get his skills sharpened he was shut down
A shoulder was turned towards him never really listening
He could only imagine what they were thinking about him
This caused sadness then indignant anger
Eventually from it he developed a sense of what was fair and unfair.
Eventually the man grows up and goes to college
Ministry is on his heart He wants
He graduates with a Bachelor’s degree
He applies for jobs only to watch them be taken by someone else
People might I add who weren’t very real or very immature in their faith
His indignant anger flares inside him again
He has a sense of justice… He’s angry…
Then he becomes depressed and decides to think about what should have been!
My church should have honed my musical abilities with the intention of making me a tool for the bigger picture! For whatever church I work in!
That church’s should have discerned better with who they decided to pick.
I know that that guy!
He has two faces!
“That job would of been perfect to hold me over for the time being to get my life more in order!”
But the guy who got it had a mared Christian representation!! Why in the heck does that job want him representing them!!
The guy walked out on his fiance, without even giving her an explanation!
He’s liberal.
And here I am trying to get just enough money to get a fancy little ring so that I can make the love of my life my fiance!
And there he’s sits, feeling stagnant and stuck… depressed… He loves God but its hard to serve Him when there I are so many brick walls blocking his way to becoming anything…
Because life is unfair
He feels... That life is unfair… and even more so he finds out that people come to be majorly undiscerning… or turn a blind eye to justice.
Life is unfair
Scenario #2
There who was very who was a very ambitious.
He was alway kind, quiet, and loving
He had a big heart
If anyone would go the extra mile it was the guy!
He knew he had the potential to becoming great. And if he would become great he would help out so many people in this world that was struggling.
All he needed was the right influence and practice to hone his potentiality.
So he turned to many people that would give him the experience, but they all turned him down.
Turning their shoulder to him, taking someone else who’s intentions were in it for themselves.
The boy grows into a young man learning that these people were very unfair to him.
They had a to be apart in making him a better tool that would help change the world he thought, but they blew it!
So the young man goes to college learns all he could! Applies for jobs that could help him hone what he has learned. He gets interviews! But weeks after each interview he finds out that they all turned him down.
They turned him for people he knew from his college
People he knew did not live upstanding lives and were in it just for themselves
In despair he know’s he has experienced the same thing he has before .
Life is unfair… people are unfairer..
Suppose we knew the end of this young mans life down the road if, alternatively, justice would have been done to him!
Everything that should of happened to him did happen to him
Lets say we find out that he became great
He helped millions of people
The world was a better place
And that his actions clearly showed that he was in it not for himself but something much greater!
That he was selfless. And it was because of his selflessness that changed the world.
I am saddened to say that it is probable that many people who had the potential to change this world for the better were pushed over by the wayside
Because they allowed themselves to be crippled in the after math of the many people’s discouraging rejection that stunted them from many great advancements.
Overlooking them for people who are in it for themselves… Who do not lives upstanding lives
Solomon the wisest king in the world, other then Jesus, puts it best in .
There is an evil I have seen under the sun, an error proceeding from the presence of the ruler:

5 There is an evil that I have seen under the sun, as it were an error proceeding from the ruler: 6 folly is set in many high places, and the rich sit in a low place. 7 I have seen slaves on horses, and princes walking on the ground like slaves.

Well said king Solomon.
If you can purely relate to this (granted that it wasn’t a God decision to bar you from certain areas of your life for something better), Solomon’s writings… scripture gives that it is an evil.
The fool is appointed to great heights,
You have had evil done to you in your life.
but the rich remain in lowly positions.
Doesn’t it enrage you?
Doesn’t it make indignant anger rise up from your veins?
I have seen slaves on horses,
but princes walking on the ground like slaves.
Do you not want to protest this?
Don’t you want to see justice happen to all the those who are undeserving fail?
Or better yet those who were undiscerning takes a blow from their foolish decision and learn that only they should had chosen you, they would have been better off.
If we aren’t careful we begin to develop this self righteous indignation and we become like Jonah who, in his self righteous indignation, wanted so badly to see the people of Nineveh burn.
Where as God only wanted to have mercy on their misguided souls.
If I were to stop my sermon right now I know that this one point could make an impact on your lives.
That we should be less focused on the unfair things that people and life has delt to us and be more focused on showing God’s love and mercy.
But I’m not done with my sermon. I haven’t fully given it according to my theme.
So going back yes this type of unfairness is an evil but to fully understand it we must look at it from two spectrums. That is from the spectrum of the Lost man who deals unjustly to you and man/woman of God/brother or sister in Christ/one who is spiritually connected to the body of Christ (that is the Church) who deals unjustly to you.
So to the Lost



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