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The Lost Son

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Be joyful and forgiving when somebody changes their ways.

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Think long and hard about how you can do your best to get their attention.What is the hardest thing for you to put down when it’s time to go to school, work, dinner, etc.?


What you’re doing here is bringing up some kind of a problem. The tension you create should make people lean in and give them an opportunity to anticipate the tension being resolved.

Truth & Application

Once you’ve engaged the congregation and presented some kind of tension, you can now go to God’s Word in order to resolve the tension. The next section, Application, should happen naturally as you are teaching, and should come to a point after you teach through Scripture.

Point 1



This is the time where you can ask great questions. Could be called “reflection.”


Think through what you want them to do in light of your message and spell it out plainly to them.
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