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Partnership Sunday

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Starting Point:

Basis for partnership.....
We don’t use the term membership....we use the biblical term of partnership that Paul uses....
Membership gives the impression that you get something…that it’s about you....while partnership gives the picture of doing something for mutual benefit…working together…that all involved have to invest.

What Do We Need To Know:

What Do We Need To Know:

Jesus Kept His Promise:

I will build my church on the truth of who I am…the foundation…and the gates of hell won’t prevail....
He kept his promise…that he is building his church for over 2000 years....
Church Growth Stats Around The World

He Told Us Where To Go:


Jesus gave us a clear roadmap on where to go....he gave us specific locations......
Go into the world:
Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Rest of World:

He Told Us What To Bring:

The Gospel.....

He Left The Method Up To Us:

First Steps To Living It Out:

1. Believe in the Power of the Message......
2. Be Willing To Grow Beyond Your Comfort.....
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