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2 Peter

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A Faith of Equal Standing

Peter did not think his faith was more important than other believers
The Means by which the faith was of equal standing was the righteousness of God

His Divine Power Has Granted:

All Things that Pertain to Godliness
Through the knowledge of Him who called us
to His own
To His own glory and excellence
By Which he has granted to us
Precious and very Great Promises (Prophecies of the Old Testament)
So that through them
you may become partakers of the divine nature (salvation experience)
having escaped from the corruption that is in the world (repentance and testimony)
Make every effort:
Supplement your faith (figure of speech to illustrate what happens when we believe)
with virtue
with knowledge
with self-control
with steadfastness
with godliness
with brotherly affection
with love
If these qualities are yours and are increasing… 1:8
They keep you from being ineffective or unfruitful
whoever lacks these qualities
is so nearsighted that he is blind
has forgotten about being forgiven
If you practice these qualities you will never fail 1:10
An entrance into the eternal kingdom 1:11
an entrance
an entrance

Though you know them, it’s good to be reminded 1:12-14

“I intend always to remind you”....1:12
“I think it is stir you up by way of reminder” 1:13
Peter’s intention that instruction will follow his death 1:14-15

The Power of God’s Word 1:16-21

What the Bible is not (anticipates the condition of the church, thousands of years into the future)
Peter’s eyewitness testimony 1:16-18
cleverly devised myths
we were eyewitnesses of His majesty
Peter’s reference to the transfiguration
“we ourselves heard this voice…we were with Him”
We have the prophetic word more fully confirmed (their witness to the resurrection and ascension) 1:19
believers should “pay attention” to it
the illustration about “paying attention”
What prophecy IS and what prophecy is NOT 1:20-21
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