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Build Your Life on a Firm Foundation (2)

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Do the Father’s will, not yours (21-27)

What is the difference between the Father’s will and our will?

Our will: wrong ideas

My ways are right
Determined to carry out evil ways
Think they are good, not wrong
They are better than others
Peace while in sin
Nothing wrong will happen to us
Earn heaven
God not punish us for sin


A love for self
I never knew you! Get away from me!
You fool (Parable of the Rich Fool)
False peace and safety

The Father’s Will

The Sermon on the Mount
Life-treat life so carefully. It is so important for our relationship with the our Savior.
Marriage-Let it a wonderful thing. Blessing for us. Do what is needed to make your marriage a blessing for all in the family.
Oaths-Be careful of what you say. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. You should not need to embellish it or need to support it.
Seeking revenge-Let God have the revenge. He knows you are his, belong to him. He will not let you be abused or mocked without consequences.
Worry-what is going to happen is going to happen. Cannot change it. God sees it as something that is good for us, a blessing to us.


Love for others
A genuine love that comes from the heart
Will be a blessing to others
Will be blessed by God
We need to reread the Sermon on the Mount and the rest of Scripture to help us do what the Father’s will is

Will be quite different from the others

Can I think of any examples

Listen to Jesus’ words, not man’s (24-29)

Man’s Words

Expresses his will and thoughts of himself
No sure setting-What is true today may not be true tomorrow
Easily waver in life-live filled with ups and downs.

Jesus words

Does not change
Will work in all aspects of our lives
Will be stable and confident-can whether the storms of life


No stability
Nothing for our children
Would make life much easier, stable
Just all around better
Keep on the road to everlasting life
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