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The Enemy's Last Days

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The Enemy's Last Days

Text:  Revelation 20

Big Idea:  God answers prayers for justice.

Purpose:  To reassure that God will make all things right.


Very soon, in my house, I will start to hear the repeated question:

            How many days until Christmas

            How long ‘til we get to open presents

I can understand the enthusiasm

            -Christmas is probably most people’s favorite holiday

            -great deal of sentimentality

            -there is an excitement that accompanies the exchange of gifts

            -the Christmas songs fill church

            -special programs, time off from school

Furthermore, to children, a year is a long time to wait for another Christmas

How will I respond to these questions?

            -first, in general terms

            -End of December, 2 more months,

As time grows nearer – I will give the number of days

            -3 days, 2 days…

Have you ever asked, “How long?”

            -of friends, family? – to have expectations met

            -how about God – ever asked Him

            -reflecting the prayers of the Psalms

                        -for peace, justice, end of pain, all things made right

In Revelation 6:10 – God’s people cried out, “How Long?”

            -wanted their deaths avenged

God, does not directly answer that questions

            -it lingers throughout the entire book, vision, of Revelation

            -and it is not answered until this point

Consider the way God responds to the question, “How Long?”

            -to see if He answers

            -to see how He answers

God never answers in words

But Action comes in Rev. 20 

Sermon Body:

Movement 1:  *Satan's days of influence are limited.

The question in 6:10

            -spoken by those who have died – martyrs

            -people who have been wronged – did not deserve their fate

                        -and long for justice – things to be set right

And in this text

            -God is addressing the root of their problem – Satan’s work

The beginning of this text identifies satan

            -snake (garden of eden)

            -dragon (cast out of heaven)

            -slanderer – liar, misleads,

                        -which he does to others

                        -which he does to us – you are not God’s, too guilty to be saved,

punishes with guilty feeling

(despite the forgiveness that God has given you.)

            -Satan – which means accuser

                        -an accuser who lies – dangerous

                        -but that is all he can do

*Facts about Satan:

1.  He has influence

2.  He is deceptive and misleads

3.  He accuses (false witness or prosecuting attorney).

Satan is clearly identified in this text

            -it all comes together

            -it makes sense – He has been at the heart of these problems

            -going back to the beginning – Genesis

                        -through this book – dragon, appointing a beast, false prophets

                        -setting up a kingdom called Babylon

            -all of this is from Satan’s hand

If we look at our lives – as we cry out, “How Long?”
            -we see Satan’s hand – wreaking havoc on our lives

            -disease, war, famine, temptation, violence

                        -either directly or as a result of His work

                                    -our woes – caused by Him

This does not absolve us of sin

            -not an excuse when we say, “the devil made me do it”

            -but we can acknowledge his hand in our depravity

            -in order to see how God responsds.

God’s response – a relatively brief encounter – to subdue Satan

            -5 words – seized, bound, threw, locked, sealed

            -a finality about that – been there, done that, got the T-shirt
                        -signed, sealed, delivered – it’s done

Satan will come down without a fight - relatively powerless - simply able to deceive and accuse, and although that can be powerful, it is not comparable to Christ's reign.

Movement 2:  *Satan will be banished for 1,000 years.

A few words on millennium:

much debate - Christ comes before, after, when is millennium.

This text - not about millennium - but about justice

            The 1,000 years represents a long time

                        -as opposed to the three-and-a-half years from earlier

                        -an enduring reign

                        -a big number

            During that 1,000 years

- Satan imprisoned

                        - God’s people on the throne – reigning with Christ

            The prayer had been answered

                        -God took a long time – but His people are avenged

Furthermore, even when Satan is released at the end of the time

            -it only gets better

            -seems to be a battle plan

            -to round up all who worshipped the beast

                        -so that they could be defeated with one final blow

The Enemy will be defeated

In addition, Life gets better for God’s children

            -Death and Hades are abolished

            -Hades – is the realm of death, (not hell)

                        -keeps people from the living

                        -Death no longer separates

                                    -good news for many – who miss lost loved ones

            How does God respond to the cry?

                        He avenges, and starts to change what has happened

Movement 3:  *Christ's children have reason for optimism.

1.  They are seated on thrones.

2.  Their accuser is obliterated.

3.  Death is powerless over them.

All a result of being written in the book of life

To be honest – Revenge, seeing punishment does not satisfy

            -Parents of a murdered child – think they want justice

            -believe death sentence will end their suffering

                        -and although justice may be served – they are really missing their child

God doesn’t settle for vengeance

            -He goes the extra mile to make things right

            -eliminates the sting of death

            -restores and resurrects those who have been wounded

            -brings His children to reign on the throne with Him 

Action Steps:


            Resist the Devil

            Wait for Christ’s reign 


            God hears your cry for Him to act.

            And even when you wonder why you have no answer

                        -He is making it come to pass

            He will avenge your wrongs

            But better yet

                        -He will undo them

            Those who were lame – walked

            Those who were blind – see

            Those who were deaf – hear again

            Those who were stained by sin – perfected

If you are Christ’s child – you may have a while to wait

            -but the best things are worth the wait

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