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God's Wrath Poured Out

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God's Wrath Poured Out

Text:  Revelation 8-9

Big Idea:  God is slow to anger.

Purpose:  To show God's compassion in the midst of His judgment.


What does it take to get your attention?

            Many young men would love to know how to get the attention of a young woman;

            And there are many mixed messages

1.      Be sensitive

            -so a young man listens, attentive, perhaps sheds a tear

                        -and is heartbroken to discover – she thinks he’s a wimp

2.  Be strong

            -works out, gets bolder in proclamations

            -speaks with confidence, becomes assertive

                        -and it heartbroken to discover – she thinks he’s a bully

I have known many young men – become very frustrated

Probably true for young women too,

            -pretty, smart, flirt, reserved – it doesn’t seem to matter

            -they give every opportunity to be known

                        -and longing to be noticed.

In scripture

            God’s relationship to His people – often compared to a romantic courtship

            -church is His bride

            -calls us to be faithful, and worship of other gods is compared to adultery

Sermon Body:

Movement 1:  *God gives every opportunity for you to turn to Him.

Purpose:  To show God's patient persistence.


Demonstrate God's ways of acting:

            Because no matter what you are looking for, He is the answer

                        -if you need to respect someone – He is a God to be feared

                                    -the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

                        -if you have been wounded and need to be cared for

                                    -He is God of grace and mercy

                                    -slow to anger and abounding in love

*Name some ways God reveals Himself:



            Elevating the lowly – David, Ruth, Gideon

            Brining down the lofty – Saul, Pharisees, Nebuchadnezzar

            Miraculous – Jesus provided, stopped the seas – definite “show me” attitude

            Anger/Wrath – Christ overturned the temple tables, God’s judgment

This is not God’s way of putting on an act

            -like some people can

            -I will act refined around some, and gruff around others

                        -this is just acting

            -but a person can be athletic and intelligent

            -can have a good sense of humor and a good sense of business

                        -God is tender, and powerful, slow to anger, yet will judge

                        -and He will patiently wait for you to come to Him

This passage

            -Is an example of God’s power and patience

            Power to judge – wiping out 1/3 of all

                        -yet waiting

If your image of God

            -is a stern judge, who looks with glee at the prospect of punishing

                        -just hoping that someone will step out of line

                        -look more closely at this passage

God is showing what will happen

            -His people are praying for His justice, vindication

                        -Yet, He takes no delight in rushing to claim

                        -He is slow to anger

                                    -giving every opportunity to turn to Him

Movement 2: *Some will persist in refusing to acknowledge God.

Purpose:  To show the stubbornness of our hearts.


Show some that should have known God, but rebelled

*Who were some Biblical characters who should have seen God?

            Balaam – God spoke to him in the book of Numbers

                        -even opened the eyes of a donkey – to avoid the angel who would kill him

                        -but Balaam plotted against God’s pepole

            Judas Iscariot – first-hand witness of the miracles

                        -Jesus washed his feet

                        -but Judas could not accept Christ’s way

                        -and sold him for money that he would later throw away

            Ananias and Sapphira – part of the church

                        -but would not give God his due

                        -not in terms of money

                        -but in terms of the truth – tried to lie to Him

With some hearts

            -it is hard to get through

            Parents understand

                        -try to teach, train children

                        -and they persist in trying to rebel

                        -when we try enough

                                    -have to conclude

                                    -not that parents haven’t tried, done what is right

                                    -despite the complaints of the children

And with God

            -no one can claim they had no choice, no opportunity to know Him

            -look at creation – it screams out that God is real

            -yet God gives every chance – for us to come into His Kingdom

In the end

            -whether we come to Him or not

            -His Kingdom will come

            -and those unwilling to acknowledge him, will face emptiness of His wrath

Text – He unleashes the demonic forces – to torture and devour

Movement 3:  *God will bring His Kingdom.

Purpose:  To reassure


He answers our prayers

            -for justice, peace, all things right

He brings His justice.

            -will rid the earth of rebellion

            -will raise us to the status of having new names

            -and crowns on our heads

That’s what He does for His children

Some will be rebellious

            -but for those who turn to Him

                        -who accept and believe

            God has a lasting crown

                        -a place at His side

                        - a place of royalty


            What more could you want

            God of mercy, love and grace

                        -the whole world belongs to Him

            But not a pushover

                        -to be taken advantage of

                        -He is no fool

            He will judge

                        -if you do not know Him – good reason to be afraid

                        -but if you belong to Him

                                    -are marked by His grace

                        -than you have reason to be at peace

                        -you will be protected through the battle

                                    -because you are the child of royalty

            And you will receive the treatment reserved for royalty

                        -in the House of the Almighty

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