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"When I Awake!"

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God connects with us while we sleep.... his very thoughts. We must want to understand other ways he speaks...connecting us to a blessing!

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Understanding How God Reveals...... Other Dimensions.... to becoming a bridge of Blessing! (Psa. 139:17-18)

Our God is incredible!!!! Did you know your God uses dreams and visions to connect us to himself and heaven supernaturally? Did you know he instructs us in the night seasons of our dreams? Did you know King Solomon’s wisdom was given in a dream? ()
This morning I want to look at how the third person of the Abrahamic Covenant (Jacob-triad) discovered how God encountered him through his dream and he knew God was in that place! His dreams encounters with God were life changing and by faith he was a bridge of blessing for God!
From Gen. to Rev. — is overflowing with encounters through visions and dreams. In fact when we total them up, (dreams-visions) we find that approximately 1/3 of the bible is supernatural visionary encounters. This is equal to size of the new testament, which demonstrates God spoke through spiritual pictures continually. In our story today we will understand how important dreams are because they allow us into the supernatural realm so we are able to see what heaven sees, and see ourselves the way God see us! How this can be a life changing (transforming) to us when we wake up!
What we see plays an essential role in bridging us to God’s kingdom perspective. Through you and me God brings heaven to earth.
Angels are sent to help us (guard- protect us in these assignments) ; ; .
What we focus on ( what is understood) grows within me, I become whatever is growing in me. (heart)… transforming, This wakes me up, I did not know this until it was revealed/ heaven/ The glory of the Lord enabled me to see it. Transformed to the thing that was spoken about me (that image)!!!!
The Transfer Point..... To my heart— Collapsing it into my world (tangible)! Psa. 139:17-18
You know Jacob’s story, how he was a trickster, but God had a different plan for him, and through a glimpse of a supernatural dream, his life was transformed. By faith he agreed with what God was thinking about him, and through him, God promised to bless all the families of the earth. This means you and me too. And God is still speaking through dreams today. Dreams affect us so we can be a bridge on this earth and bless others lives in whom we interact with. “Pour oil on us Holy Spirit”
I desire to see as he see me, what he’s doing right now, I desire to do. Be a Blessing while I’m on this earth......
Closing....... When I Awake...... The transfer point.....
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