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What's in the Church Pt. 2

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Introduction to the message

The churc
In the summer of the third year of Christ’s ministry, when Israel had practically rejected Him and He was entering the “Shadow of the Cross,” knowing that the offer of the Kingdom would soon be withdrawn, and the Church be set up, and wishing to prepare His disciples for what was coming, He took them over to Caearea Philippi, and there asked the question of His disciples

There is the “Agent” in the church that identifies the kingdom we represent…verse 19

In the last instructions for the disciples who would become the first apostolic movement of the first century, Jesus commands that those who they would convert must identify with the kingdom of God. There are three signs of a true conversion; (1) inclusion through acceptance, (2) immersion through baptism, and (3) the exercise of your salvation through faith. Jesus did not want the church deny the Founder and Agent of the church. People ought know who you represent and who represents you and there should be no doubt about that. When people are converted, immersion through water symbolizes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When individuals receive the gospel, immersion must take place. When this is done, it allows the believer to accept and absolve the the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ took your sins away when He died on the cross (). You have to know the “agent” that calls us to be the church
Onoma: implying authority, to come or to do anything in or by the name of anyone, i.e. Using his name, as he envoy, representative, by his authority; Christ himself, in all their being, attributes, relations, manifestations

There is the “mandate” for effective church growth and edification…verse 20

Christ is very clear in his directive to the the 11 disciples remaining that His church must be the entity that teaches other how to become ministers who are motivated to go and reach in the name of Christ. The biblical model of the church can be summed up with these three words: mobile, molders, ministers. If we can keep those three words in mind, then the church can realize its full potential in Christ. Jesus commanded them disciples to teach obedience according to what I taught you. Don’t try to invent a word when God has given you “the word” to share with those who are lost.
didasko: to instruct; to teach, to communicate skills; to be taught, to learn

There is the promise of Jesus’ presence within the church…verse 20

The church within herself contains the promise of God’s presence with the disciples that would go out to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ. People must understand that God must be priority in all that you do in order for it to be effective. Do we leave “the present presence” to carry on with our programs? Jesus’ promise of presence transcends just an emotional high that people experience, his presence provides the believer with power, protection and purpose for the ministry at hand. gives the great commission expanded, and in verses 19 and 20, Jesus’ presence always confirms the word with signs and wonders following. If there are no signs to back your speech, then check your speech and not the signs. Too many people are excited about the signs when the word is what should excite the people of God.
Moses—burning bush
Joshua—on the back side of the mountain
Ruth—in Moab
Samuel—in Shiloh
David—battle of Goliath
Jehosaphat—battle of Barak
Job—all his trials
Isaiah—when his uncle died
Jeremiah—during Babylonian captivity
Ezekiel—valley of dry bones
Daniel—lion’s den
Hosea—married Gomer
The presence of God was with them in the Old Testament
Jesus—born in Bethlehem while wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in manger
Jesus—at the age of twelve in the temple
Jesus—at the wedding in Cana turned water to wine
Jesus—on the road where he spoke to the Roman Centurion
Jesus—when he walked on the water
Jesus—when he called Lazarus
Jesus—in the Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus—in judgement hall
Jesus—when he hung between earth and sky
Jesus—when he died
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