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Psalm 42,43

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Bid Idea: Despite all my pains and struggles the Lord is there for me I just need to turn to him. He even gives me the words.
Despite all my pains and struggles the Lord is there for me I just need to turn to him. He even gives me the words.
Aim: Use the lament psalms as a means of talking to God in times of trouble.
Have you ever wanted to turn to God in a time of distress and suffering but not been able to form the words? have you tried to pray for other who are suffering and struggled to help them to trust God as a result? It can be really hard in times of distress and suffering to know how to speak to God without sinning, we blame, we accuse, we judge when we are upset. The Psalm today that we will be going through is a psalm of Lament, written to express the feelings of the writers heart as he struggles with the world around him, with himself and with Gods apparent reaction to it all. The Psalms of lament are prayers to God, prayers that we can learn a lot from.
and 43 are considered to be the same psalm, because of the refrain in 42:5,11 and 43:5, because this is a large selection of verses, i won’t push through this verse by verse, though you might like to over lunch with someone, instead i am going to go through some aspects of laments psalms as they appear in psalm 42 and 43 and how we can use them in our own prayers.
There are 7 aspects of laments, today we will look at the 4 most prominent ones.
An address/plea
the complaint
the express of confidence
and the pledge

My Soul Thirsts for God

in , we see the address and the plea which frames these 2 psalms,

As the deer pants for streams of water,

so my soul pants for you, my God.

2 My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.

When can I go and meet with God?

The Sons of Korah address their God, their soul pants for the Lord, for the living God. They plea “When can i go and meet with God.” They are cut off from their place of worship separated from the temple. In we have another plea, a plea for vindication and representation before unfaithful people, of rescue from the wicked.
This is the basic situation of our Psalmists, they feel separated from God, and oppressed by what is happening around them. When Lord will this end?
The thing to note is the expressed base position of his soul, he still longs for God, he is not in doubt about God, it is his situation that he longs to change. He might feel spiritually dry, or just overwhelmed, but his base position is that of a longing for the Lord. This is important as we move forward he will express in more detail his situation, as he offers his complaints to God.

My Soul is Oppressed

Much of our times of suffering come from the feeling of being oppressed, being push down by the happening of the world.

By people around me

By itself

And has forgotten you

My Soul Still Thirsts for God

How do we pray like this

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