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1 Corinthians 12:8-9

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Two basic kids of gifts.

Sign Gifts (or Temporary Gifts)
Permanent Gifts
The sign gifts had a purpose to fulfill for a time and, I believe the Bible teaches, have ceased.
-I will demonstrate that when we get to that appropriate text.
-I believe the ceased with the apostolic age.
The Permanent gifts are ongoing even today.
Permanent gifts have two basic catogories.
Verbal gifts
Prophecy, teaching, Wisdome, exhortation
administration, leadership, helps, serves, giving, mercy, faith.
Temporary Gifts
-healing, tongues, interpretation of tongues, revelatory gifts
-Purpose of these gifts were to demonstrate the apostles authories and confirm the authority of the Word of GOd
-Now that we have the written Word of God, we dont need apostles to teach…becuase we have the teachings of the apostles here
-Now that we have the Word, we dont need their authority varified.
-We can truly test the spirits becuase we have His Word.
In the Text today…given a list of Gifts
-Other lists exist, and .
-Paul is not listing every gift but he is demonstrating the variety of gifts as he has mentioned.
It is interesting too that some gifts are temperary inpart and permanent inpart.
Verse 8-11
Verse 8
Utterance of Wisdom (Word of Wisdom)
Remember that I told you that some of the gifts mentioned are really broad categories of gifts.
That is the case here for sure.
Logos - tells us that this is a speaking gift.
sophia (wisdom) - ability to understand God’s will and apply it obediently.
So this gift catogory includes the idea of being able to know the truth of God and apply that truth in an obedient way but also in a practical way.
It is God’s truth lived out with precision. God’s truth with legs on it.
But it also involves communicating that truth to others.
Christian and Godly Counselors are often gifted with this
able to hear the person across the table and lead them to the truth of God, communicate to them how to apply that truth.
Pastor’s gifts often fall under this category
2. Utterance of Knowledge
-Related to Utterance of Wisdom, but not the same thing.
-Logos…speaking gift
-If you have the Utterance of Wisdom, you have the Utterance of Knowledge.
-How are they related, yet distinct?
-Where Wisdom deals with applying the truth of God in an obedient way
-Knowledge speaks to perceiving and understand truth of God
-Ability to study the Word of God and draw out truth from the text
-Both Gifts are Teaching Gifts and it doesnt look the same in everyone’s lift
-Mr. Red…Master Story Teller. He could describe the sermon tree so vividly that you could reach out and touch it…smell it…feel it.
-Bro Glen…Sermon Tree, Falls out of it, Breaks every branch on the way down, lands on his feet and there is a house built
-Mine is different……I first shake the sermon tree to see what truths might easily fall from its branches…Then I climb the sermon tree. I begin to make my way up it. One limb at a time. I examine the bark. Work my way to the end of each limb. Examine the knots and the twigs. Look at the Leaves, its shape, the veins running through it. Then I turn over every leaf to see what truths might be underneath them.
-This is a functional gift that should be active in all those called to teach and/or preach. but it looks different in everyones lives.
-Sometimes we can aquire skills to aid our gifts.
-biblical langues, history, archaeology, theology
-Or a person may have little formal education, but can draw upon their life experience
-either way, if they have the gift of Knowledge and Wisdom, then it is God given.
-The knowledge and wisdom given to the Apostles were given to them as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.
-It is given to us through the Word of God.
Verse 9
3. Faith
-This is not Saving Faith, which is also described as a gift in
-ALso distinct from the faith we are all called to live by.
-Communicates a gift where the one who has it has the ability to trust God deeply.
-Especially in the most difficult and harshes of circumstances.
-Where human impossiblities, obstacles, pain, torment are no match for this persons unwavering trust in God.
-We talked about how gifts are used to serve the household of faith, but also to evangelize the lost world.
-How does faith do that?
-It strengthens and encourages those who are weak when costaphe comes their way.
-It is a marker in a lost and dying world of Someone that has had such an encouter with God that they trust him no mater what....even in the face of Death…and can cause the lost to say “I WANT TO BELIEVE!”
4. gifts of healing
Gifts - is plural…indicated a variety and spectrum to the gift.
-One of the temporary gifts.
-It was in full operation in the early Church
-Not too that “healing” is also plural in the Greek.
-God still heals today.
-He does so through ordinary means, but also through miraculous means.
-I do not believe that any Christian today has the miraculous gift of healing.
-Those who claim to have it, what they do looks NOTHING like what Jesus did.
-With a single word…lepracy disappear…mental illness disolved…whithered hands made whole before our vary eyes, the blind....TOTALLY BLIND…be able to totally see. The deaf....hear....THE DEAD…RAISED by a word, a phrase, or a gesture.
-Its purpose was to authenicate the Power and authority of the one doing the Word to point to a greater spiritual reality....
-Lazurus....raise from the dead right?…Is he still alive, phicially upon this earth?
-God’s purpose for the Church is His own glory through the Great Commission which calls for the healing of Souls rather than the healing of sickness.
-Miricles by definition are rare....
-No blancket promises that every illness we ever face will end in total phyiscal healing.
-If there were, then we would all live, but it is appointed unto a man once to die and then the judgement.
verse 10
5. Working of Miracles
6. Prophecy
Distinguish between spirits
various kinds of tongues
Interpretation of Tongues.
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