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1982 진젠도르프_Issue 1: Zinzendorf & the Moravians

Table of Contents
From the Publisher—Zinzendorf and the Moravians
The Rich Young Ruler … Who Said Yes!
Also: Zinzendorf’s Chronology
The Insignia of the Order of the Grain of Mustard Seed
“My Zeal Has Not Cooled …”
In preparation for his examination by the faculty of Tubingen on being ordained a Lutheran minister, Count Zinzendorf made the following statement, “one of the finest confessions of his career,” says his biographer Weinlick.
A Christian History Timeline—The Moravians
The World of 1732
Also: The Moravian Mission Influence Spreads Throughout the World and to Other Denominations.
Today—Membership in the Moravian mission Churches outnumber those at home 4 to 1!
Missionaries Against Terrible Odds
Also: A Christian History Translation
When Asked His Reasons for Going to St. Thomas, Leonard Dober Composed a Letter Describing His Motivation
A Prayer Meeting that Lasted 100 Years
A Day in the Life of Early Herrnhut
Gallery of Leading Figures
Baptized into One Spirit
Also: Moravian Glossary
The Moravians and Their Hymns
The Moravians and John Wesley
Recommended Resources—Zinzendorf and the Moravians


1983 요한 웨슬리_Issue 2: John Wesley: Leader of the Methodist Movement

Table of Contents
From the Publisher: John Wesley—Revival and Revolution
Did You Know?
John Wesley’s Rule for Christian Living
Revival and Revolution
A Gallery of Family, Friends and Foes
Tapping the Riches
Wesley set out to renew the church he loved and he was prepared to employ any appropriate material from the whole history of Christianity to do it.
Also: Wesley’s Gift for Organization
Finding the Forgotten
Also: The Holy Club
Wesley’s Sermon Reprints
The Christian History Timeline—John Wesley and the Eighteenth Century World
One hundred years of turmoil, change, and innovation that laid a foundation for our own day.
John Wesley and Women
Wesley to Wilberforce
John Wesley’s last letter from his deathbed
From the Journal
Also: Fruits of Breaking Wesley’s Code
A Whimsical Epitaph
A Joyful Sound
Recommended Resources—John Wesley

1983 위클리프_Issue 3: John Wycliffe: Bible Translator

Table of Contents
From the Publisher—John Wycliffe
Did You Know?
Wycliffe’s England—A Time of Turmoil
John Wycliffe and the Dawn of the Reformation
The Gallery—Wycliffe’s Defenders, Friends, and Foes
The Christian History Timeline—Wycliffe’s World
The 14th Century
Five Bulls of Pope Gregory XI Against Wycliffe
A Short Rule of Life for Priest, Lords, and Laborers
Wycliffe Causes Controversy over Eucharist
In the Year of Death, Wycliffe Wrote to Pope Urban VI
Why Wycliffe Translated the Bible into English
Bible Translation Since John Wycliffe
The Parson
Recommended Resources—John Wycliffe


1984 쯔빙글리_Issue 4: Zwingli: Father of the Swiss Reformation

Table of Contents
From the Publisher—Zwingli: Father of the Swiss Reformation
Did You Know?
Zwingli and Luther—The Giant vs. Hercules
A Gallery of Family, Friends, Foes, and Followers
The Shepherd—Who Is the True Pastor?
Also: Black Death Inspires Zwingli’s “Plague Hymn”
The Christian History Timeline—Zwingli’s World
50 years that changed with faith, fortunes, food and faraway places.
Public Debates
In His 67 Theses Zwingli Highlights His Reformed Beliefs
Replacing the Mass with a New Order of Worship
“The Shepherd”
Zwingli’s Historic Reformation Sermon
Zwingli’s Death on the Battlefield of Kappel in 1531
Impatient Radicals … the Anabaptists
Some of Zwingli’s closest early associates felt that he and the Zurich City Council were moving too slowly in implementing the Swiss Reformation. Their protests led to persecution.
The Spread of the Zwingli Reformation
Zwingli died before his dreams were fulfilled, but his followers, especially Heinrich Bullinger, spread his Reformed influence throughout Europe, to England, and eventually to America.
Recommended Resources—Zwingli: Father of the Swiss Reformation


1985 재세례파_Issue 5: Radical Reformation: The Anabaptists

Table of Contents
From the Publisher—The Radical Reformation: The Anabaptists
Did You Know?
A Fire that Spread Anabaptist Beginnings
Anabaptism: Neither Catholic Nor Protestant
A Gallery of Factions, Friends and Foes
Sticks and Stones Broke Their Bones, and Vicious Names Did Hurt Them!
16th Century Responses to the Anabaptists
The Christian History Timeline—The Reformation World: 1516–1541
A Quarter Century that Lit a Fire … that Spread to All the World!
Showing Them How to Die; Showing Them How to Live
Telling Tales to Tell the Truth
Also: From the Martyr’s Mirror
The Story of Hans Bret, Died January 1577
A Broadside
The Beautiful Judgment of Two Young Noble Women from Delden who Were Burned Two Miles from Deventer
The Schleitheim Confession
Brotherly Union of a Number of Children of God Concerning Seven Articles
The Two Kingdoms
Concerning the Drawings of the Early History of Anabaptism in Zürich and on Hutterian Missionaries in Switzerland
Recommended Resources—The Radical Reformation: The Anabaptists

1985 침례교_Issue 6: The Baptists

Table of Contents
From the Publisher—The Baptists: A People Who Gathered “to Walk in All His Ways.”
A People Called Baptist
Did You Know?
Baptists Emerge Out of a Century of Testing and Turmoil in the English Church.
To Walk in All His Ways
“The Dippers Dipt”—Not Quite So, Reverend Featley!
“What Is a True Particular Visible Church?” The Great Debate at Southwark Rejoined
Also: Baptism: A Radical Act
The Gallery—Leaders, Evangelists, Thinkers, and Movers in Baptist History
John Bunyan
The Christian History Timeline—The Seventeenth Century
Religious Liberty—An Emotional Issue Still Not Settled
Baptist Distinctives
Five key convictions that have been essential to Baptists from their beginnings
Where Are the Lions When We Really Need Them?
The Move to Believer’s Baptism
Worship in John Smyth’s Church
A Winter Baptism
Dippers: A Threat to Life and the State
In Defense of the Baptized Churches
A Day in the Life of William Carey
James R. Graves
“This Is My Body … this Is My Blood …”
Recommended Resources—The Baptists

1985 C.S.루이스_Issue 7: C.S. Lewis: His Life, Thought & Theology

Table of Contents
From the Publisher—C.S. Lewis
Did You Know?
C.S. Lewis—A Profile of His Life
Also: A Lewis Timeline
The Inklings
The Gallery—Family and Friends of C.S. Lewis
A Gallery of thumbnail sketches of close and influential family and friends of C.S. Lewis
Into the Land of the Imagination
“Lewis defined reason as the natural organ of truth and imagination as the organ of meaning”
Teacher, Historian, Critic, Apologist
The output of Lewis’s research and writing extends far beyond those works for which he is best known.
Western Civilization at the Crossroads
What kind of future awaits as? What are our choices? Peter Kreeft looks at Lewis’s view of the kind of history we are creating …
Following that Bright Blur
Embracing the supernatural elements of Christianity while committed to its rationalism, Lewis brought an orthodox view of a transcendent, immanent God to the common man.
Beyond the Double Bolted Door
The death of his wife severely tested Lewis’s faith as well as his theology
The Great Divide
“When I fail as a critic I may yet be useful as a specimen.”
Have We No “Right” to Happiness?
The last published article by Lewis before his death asked this question.
The Kilns
Recommended Resources—C.S. Lewis
1985 에드워즈와 각성운동_Issue 8: Jonathan Edwards & the Great Awakening Table of Contents
From the Publisher—Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening
Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards
Did You Know?
Excerpts from the Life of Jonathan Edwards
Colonial New England: An Old Order, New Awakening
A Gallery of Friends, Foes and Followers
My Dear Companion
Edwards’ Theology
Puritanism Meets a New Age
The Christian History Timeline—Jonathan Edwards’ World
The Puritans and Edwards
The American Vision of a Covenant People
Jonathan Edwards Speaks to Our Technological Age
Extracts from Two Sermons by Edwards
Also: The Earliest Known Letter of Jonathan Edwards
This letter was written by the twelve-year-old Jonathan Edwards to his sister Mary on May 10, 1716.
Recommended Resources—Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening


1986 Issue 9: Heritage of Freedom: Dissenters, Reformers, & Pioneers

Into the Desert
Enthusiasts in Asia
The Celtic Way
Return to Simplicity
Protest and Renewal
God’s Left Wing
Christian Liberty
Strangely Warmed
Christ in His Church
The Lord’s Watch
Back to the New Testament
Winning the World
Organizing for Mission
Salvation Army
Releasing the Spirit
An African Way
Christians against the Nazis
Worldwide Renewal
New Dawn in East Africa
Radical Communities
The Church at Home

1986 경건주의_Issue 10: Pietism: The Inner Experience of Faith

Table of Contents
From the Publisher—Pietism: A Much-Maligned Movement Re-Examined
“You’re Such a Pietist!”
Did You Know?
Overwhelmed As with a Stream of Joy: An Autobiography
Can These Bones Live?
A spiritual hunger grew in reaction to the coldness and formalism of the Protestant state churches. Drawing from diverse roots, Pietism emerged as a quest to apply Reformation doctrine to personal life.
The Gallery—Thumbnail Sketches of Important Leaders in the Pietist Movement
Reborn in Order to Renew