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What is the church?

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The Church

What is the Church?
Point to me which drawing is the picture of a church?
So is the church a building, is it random people?
What is the Church?
Eklesia is the Greek word for church: it literally means called out or Assembly
The church in general is all the Christians, but in a local level the church is the people that make of the fellowship! We are the church not building!
When did the Church begin?
What is the church?
tells us that the church is the body and we are the body of Christ! Like a human body it is one for all and all for one kind of fellowship!
When and where did the Church begin?
Did the church begin in Disney World?!!
recorded that the church originated in Jerusalem after Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to the Father in heaven!
What is the purpose of church?
1.Do we gather as a church to play video games?
2. Do we gather as a church to do HW?
3. Do we gather as a church to throw the bible as catch?
The church is called to be the salt and light of the world! But what does that mean?
The church is called to preach the gospel and make disciples.
Why do we gather as a church?
To hear the word of God
To worship Jesus
Fellowship with one another
Edify one another! What does the word Edify mean? Build up!
Life Application
What does this lesson mean for us?
The church is made up of all those who have accepted God’s call to be His Children! Is that you? How do we become part of the church: simple confess (to say and agree that you are sinner and you need Jesus’ salvation and if you would like to pray and do that raise your hand) God loves you so much that it costed him his life, on the cross, to make a way for you!
But if you are a Christian and your part of the church have you been fulfilling the mission of the church and telling others about God th
If that is you, have you been functioning as
We each have spiritual gifts that we can use to serve one another!
Lastly, the church is called to preach the gospel -God has equipped us given us the job to share the gospel with people. There is a lost world that does not know Jesus and we get to be the tools that God uses to bring them to know Christ!
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