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May 21, 2017 AM

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what do you


What is your favorite? family

and water

So busy.

Well this morning.

Dealing with with the survey.

list of the top facing today

most family

number two was divorce number 3 dizziness we talked about. Or is an absent father.

And I wanted to stop.

Living life. That's what we believe in this tournament. That's what I believe as a faster. It doesn't.

In the Lord your father and your mother, which is the fur. so that it may go well with you and that you may

do not provoke for children. Bring them up in the discipline.

directions There are one in the family that parents and has children.

We need to practice Godly.


read me to have the sex.

So we can implement. This is a fundamental truth.

children, obey your parents in the Lord

Silverdome the Lord for this is right in the morning.

Is that everything that we do?

How nice they are.

and everything that we are should be governed by RV.


Ephesians 6:7 the scripture says work as though you were working for.

It is worship to God that enables with race the practice.

this morning

tragically we live in a culture that has elevated.

We can see it on social media. Everywhere we go that somehow someway this respect is okay. It is never

in my personal Bible study the story of David and this relationship

David was always.

We should not be surprised. We should not be why what is going on? This is something.

these words

he said four people will be in love our lover.



right now weather as in June

parents Did you know that?

so if not based on whether or not

Open mic.

Used was not part of me.

You know what to tell somebody.

First of all, we need to recognize.

But I will.

and although we may not know exactly how cholo tattoos

Holy Spirit


for Father's Day

description what is

and I was thinking about the

with all your heart with all your soul.


You shall love your neighbor.

Wolcott CT

give me

you don't think we need to love our children unconditionally.

Always ask me a question.

I won't answer.

I still want it.

You know when you're looking scripture.

What we are to demonstrate.

weed eater Walmart

We love them.

being there being on their level getting on the floor with Bindi Irwin being there loving I'm not always luxury not always.

Andre 3000

Love does not envy.

Wake me up in the family.



in his description

We get it, right.

Cuz I need to go to the challenge.

to offer

You know.


too many of us


Allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to enable the way down there.

Too busy of our problems and have results so many failing today Barb.

It is going to fly, but I got to say it because it's so clearly demonstrated the scripture. God has given me Authority.

But it is not.

your biggest

is that

You need to help her children.



the heavenly father

what's going on?

Or just different things with wife.

Kids today are growing up in the club.

parents Livingston

they feel like

maybe you've been

maybe you've been brought up on accident fireman.

So you may feel very weak.

This family is of god. You will not.

Encourage you this morning?

You trust God.

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