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May 21

THE PRINCIPLE OF HUMILITY  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  46:26
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1). Many view the 10 Commandments as a list of rules. 2). If the Commandments are a teacher, what could they teach us? 3). Our approach will be that they are Principles, which guide us. 4). The Third one being -"The Principle of Humility" I). Define HUMILITY. a). Humble- (Tapeinos) Low lying. A frame of mind in which one regards themselves or something as being low. II)> GOD IS REALLY INTO HIS NAME. a). Because His Name is Who He is. It is His Character at stake. b). God is Above all and His Names Reflect that. c). God Issues a Sever warning to those who world Mistreat His Name. d). God wants His People Show the world Who He Is. III). THE NAMES OF THE LORD OR SYNOMOUS WITH GOD. IV). GOD IS SAYING- " DON'T TREAT ME AS COMMON". a). Mistake is to think of Cussing. b). This is purely PRIDE. To put yourself Above God. V). HUMILITY IS WHAT GOD IS AFTER. a). Humble - to have proper view of yourself. b). We are to humbly obey His Words.

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