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Above and Below: The Purpose of Your Life - Service May 21st, 2017

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Above and Below: The Purpose of Your Life John 8:23-28 What is the source of your life 8:23-24 You are from below, I am from above You are from the world, I am not You will die in your sins Who are you? 8:25-28 What I have been saying all along 8:25 The one who condemns 8:26a The one who has been sent 8:26b-27 The one who obeys 8:28-30 He serves for benefit of the world He reveals the Father He is justified by the Father He pleases the Father The response 8:30 The Lessons Do you serve for the benefit of the world? Do you reveal the Father? Do trust the Father to justify you? Do you please the Father?

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