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A Mother That Caught Jesus Attention

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A Mother of great faith whose desperation lead to her determination resulting in God seeing faith in a woman who was not even a Jew. She was willing to be humilated in hopes for her daughter to be helaed. Sometimes we need to all take a moment of pause to appreciate the unique love of a mother who is willing to endure humilation for restoration of their child.

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Although we recognize that today is primarily and of utmost importance the Lord’s day, we also recognize the nation wide day of significance known as Mother’s Day. It is without question a time when we are invited to recollect the woman who have functioned in our lives as Mothers, whether biologically or through a social connection. A Mother is a special part of God’s family dynamic, and is the care giver toward her children. Her value is high and her impact can be described as lasting.

A MAN walked into a flower shop on Mother’s Day. He said, “What can I get for three dollars?”

The proprietor replied, “I can give you a dozen carnations, or I can give you one rose.”

He says, “You mean I can get a dozen carnations for three dollars, but only one rose? How come the roses are just so expensive?”

“Oh, real simple. The scent of a carnation doesn’t last very long. It’s sweet for a moment, but it has no longevity. On the other hand, a rose is known for its ongoing scent. Even when you think it’s dead, it can be crushed, turned into potpourri, and the smell can still continue.”

Women are roses. They are valuable. However, to reject being God’s kind of woman is to cheapen your worth. An ungodly woman can be found for a dime a dozen. Ladies, you are roses, you’re expensive. But to reject being God’s kind of woman, you can get them a dime a dozen.

I want to bring your attention to a woman whose scent remains via the record of the sacred text. In , you will find these words:
Students of the bible recognize that Jesus ministry was dominantly toward the Jews. His ministry was often described as being sent to the lost house of the children of Israel. He provided explicit instruction to his disciples do not go in the way of the gentiles. However, there are moments in Jesus ministry when he interfaced with gentile people finding a great deal of receptivity. When studying the life of Christ, it can be syllabicated in nine periods. Our text, subsequent to his Galilean ministry, Jesus enters into privacy with his disciples to prepare them for his week of passion. We call this the period of retirement, which took place in gentile territory. After tension with the jewish leaders, he heads north to the Phoenician coast, to the lands of Sidon and Tyre. Both were regions within the Roman Province.
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