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What Communion Declares of Jesus' Coming

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till he come - a lot in this little phrase

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Title: What Communion Declares of Jesus’ Coming


Jesus gave several promises about his future return. Consider the following:
For the son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels says And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. Probably the most famous of these promises is found in Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that were I am, there ye may be also.
With this understanding, we now note that Communion is also an account that causes us to remember the return of Jesus Christ. We certainly see the preeminent focus of the blood and the body of Christ; but we also note a time of future celebration with the Lord. Note what the scriptures says in .
We should listen to the testimony of the Communion. This event speaks loudly and directs our attention to Jesus Christ in a more comprehensive manner rather than just a compartmental manner. He has died, risen again, and ascended to heaven; but Jesus is returning!

(1) Communion encourages the acknowledgement of a brief opportunity - till

It is an observance that is temporary in nature. The Corinthian believers, living for the temporary prestige of wealth and class must be reminded that they have a limited amount of time to show forth the death of Christ in this manner. For the believers of Corinth to be so selfish and divided showed that they were not as aware of “the hour” as Jesus’ was aware of his hour.
As Paul admonishes the same body of people in , it really is time to awake out of sleep. Jesus Christ, aware of his time, lived a live that was selfless, and this was plainly manifested in the crucifixion.
This should also ring as a note of encouragement. In knowing the factor of time to be limited, this should cause them to keep things in perspective of eternity. For the pains the the Corinthians experience, there is a limited amount of time. For the worldly success that the Corinthians experience, there is a limited amount of time.
Some will take this to the opposite extreme. They will see the brevity of time as an opportunity to live all for themselves while they can. Clearly, it was this lack of proper perspective that was dominating the body at Corinth. Not only was the sacrifice of Jesus once and for all; but commemorating the body of Jesus through bread and wine is a temporary means until His return where we will see His real body.
Every observance should be in consideration of the brief opportunity we have.
Asian man turning dough while man pounding it with bat...
Unbeliever, you don't have time to waste - the observance reminds us that your time will come. “What time?” you may ask. It is the same time that came for Jesus. Jesus was appointed to death and then to enter into the presence of God (). So it is for you. You will physically die and stand before God for judgment on your own merits or the merits of Jesus Christ.
Believer, where and how you are investing your resources will show how aware you are of the brevity of time. Consider with this context. Your greatest investments should be in understanding the death of Christ more deeply and edifying the visible body of Christ more fully.

(2) Communion encourages our allegiance to the Lord - he

The reference of "he" is the Lord Jesus. This reminds us of several things.
First, this reminds us that we are no longer to be the servants or slaves of sin. We do not partake this evening as the servants to our own lusts. We understand our commemoration to be of our Lord.
Secondly, we mustn't view this only as a personal matter. We do see the personal nature of this commemoration in the personal nature of "Jesus". He became man. We partake at the slaves of Jesus Christ - which means we enslave ourselves to the edification of others. This is highly communal. We are to be selfless towards others as the Lord Jesus has been selfless towards us.
Your partaking will be a declaration of where you allegiance lies.
Hockey Goaly - shot on own open goal.
If you are believing Jesus as your Lord, this evening, there will be a declaration through Communion. You are declaring that Jesus is your Master. You are in fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.
For others, you will declare your allegiance to another master this evening. You know that you have sin in your life. As a result, you will NOT partake. Please understand that in your unwillingness to declare Jesus as your Redeemer through Communion, you are simultaneously declaring your allegiance to whatever you are harboring. This must be hard for you to imagine; but it is true.
Believer, having confessed Jesus as your Lord, you are affirming that your job, money, individuality are not masters in your life. You are affirming that Jesus is your Lord. You are affirming that Jesus submitted himself to bring your into submission to him. This means that as Jesus has yielded for your stengthening and edification, you should by love serve one another.
Again, Communion is not just a personal matter. You and I are urged to partake in a “worthy manner”. This is a manner in which the selflessness of Christ is manifested. How can we manifest selflessness apart from relating to one another? So, what does this kind of selflessness look like today? (a) We are selfless when we seek forgiveness for trivial divisions. (b) We are selfless when we seek the good of the body of Christ who does not have what we have.
Who is seated by themselves tonight? Who tonight has not family our spouse around them? Who has not received loving conversation from you tonight, though you may have had the opportunity?

(3) Communion encourages our accountability before the Lord - come

First, we note that Jesus Christ is coming again physically. , . It is the commemoration of the Lord's Supper that is united to this truth of His return.
Secondly, we note that there is coming a time when symbols will no longer be necessary because the true will be manifested. This is precisely what the writer of Hebrews was explaining about the fulfillment in Christ; but now we are looking forward to a fulfillment in Christ’s Second Coming.
Thirdly, this should remind us of the accountability to be brought at the return of Jesus Christ. See . When Paul was speaking to the Romans about those who had weaker consciences versus those who had stronger consciences - one of Paul’s admonishments that every servant stands accountable to their Lord. In like manner, all God’s children are accountable to the Lord. See .
This truth is important so that the believers would stop passing judgment upon each other as if they were the Lord. If a man rises or falls, it is before the Lord and for the Lord’s judgment.
Accountability does not seem very real to us when it is not physical. We tend to judge the reality of something by what we see. In other words we tend to not get very serious about responsibility until there are some physical implications.
Jesus will come in like manner - we are accountable to Him.
An accountability be afraid of versus an accountability of a father to son....boy who was scared by his sibling.
Unbeliever, what you may think is fake and non-physical now will all be real one day; and what you thought mattered most - you will see to be nothing more than a passing vapor that distracted you from the ultimate. Claim Christ as your Lord and Savior tonight. Why? You may say would we believe that Jesus is coming again? We believe He is coming again because (a) He came the first time (b) He fulfilled his promise to rise again (c) He promised to come again and He left a physical commemoration of His death and impending return - Communion.
Believer, do not live as though the tangible, temporary world is ultimate. Our physical existence should show forth what is ultimate. (a) We should mourn the sin of selfishness in our lives - repentant of it. (b) We should joyfully anticipate the return of the glorious Savior - relish and be happy in this fact. (c) We should be spiritually and physically devoted to the edification of brothers and sisters in Christ.
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