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1st study on logos

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chapter 1 What does this tell me about G_d

Paul, originally Saul of Tarsus. was being accused of being a illegitimate apostle in his ministry efforts by other false teachers.
Apostle, one sent, a leader, messenger
he received a revelation from Jesus himself and sent Paul as a messenger to the gentiles
Galatia, west of central plain in Asia minor (modern day Turkey) majority non Jews
(goodness you dont deserve and Order) to you from G_d. who gave of himself for you. G_ds will was to rescue us, Glory to G_d.
Jewish divide history into 2 sections
1-present age,G_ds rule not fully established, evils persists
2-coming age, G_d will rule as King, (Christians believe now, Jews thinks its to come)
amen= so be it showing agreement with G_ds word.
Paul always starts by giving thanks to G_d but not here because the Galatians turned away.
people quick to believe a different message Gospel. false. people are confusing each other by perverting (corrupt, misdirect, misuse, twist.) the gospel. (a different Jesus or different spirit)
No one not even an angel should ever teach another message. cursed is the one that does. Paul is a servant of Christ not people, nor a people pleaser.
false prophets speak of things in there own mind not from Lords mouth.
keep away from false teachers
thought is they may have been Judaizers, expected believers to follow Jewish customs and traditions.
Paul did not teach the Gentile believers had to get circumcised as a sign of the Abrahamic covenant.
Paul defends his apostleship its about the Gospel not about him. he used to be a strict Jew opposed to Christians, he used to persecute them and put them into prison, ACTS paul saw a bright light around him in Damascus and a Voice said "Why do you persecute me?" it was Jesus. He was Zealous as a Jew.
Both prophet Jeremiah and Isaiah describe there callings in a similar way, being set apart knew them in mothers womb foreknew, to be a prophet to nations.
Jesus promises to rescue him from his own people and Gentiles, and he will send him far away to the gentiles.
Paul saw his work as a mission of Gospel to the Gentiles as Isaiah Prophesied. Light to gentiles that his salvation will reach the ends of the earth.
Arabia was referred to as southern Canaan(Israel)
Paul is wants them to know he did not learn about the Gospel in Jerusalem but it came directly from Jesus Christ himself.
Cephas is Simon Peter, who was a key leader in the Church at Jerusalem, Paul wants them to know he did not learn the Gospel from Peter either.
James is Jesus Brother who became the leader at the Church in Jerusalem.
Paul baffled the Jews because he used to Persecuted them and now he is growing in power proving that Jesus is the messiah, and so they conspire to kill him.
when Paul came to Jerusalem he tried to join the Apostles but they were scared of him.

Chapter 2

G_D gives revelation, G_d does not show favoritism,
Unclear 14 years meaning if plus the 3 years or not
Barnabas(Joseph) was Pauls mentor, he references him for credibility
Titus was a Greek gentile companion, uncircumcised as evidence its not necessary
Paul wanted everyone to know, G_d sent him to gentiles and they did not need to be circumcised.
people were suspicious because he had a law free Gospel.
Paul made efforts for Gentiles to raise funds to also support the poor believers in Jerusalem. knowing it would help unite Jew and Gentile.
G_d tests our hearts 1Thes
Christ lives in us. He loves us so much he gave up his life for us.
gentiles are the uncircumcised reference
Jews did not eat with gentiles
righteousness did not come by way of the Law
we died tot he law so we may bear fruit for G_d.
Antioch is located in Syria 300 miles north of Jerusalem
Paul felt strongly so confronted Peter
Peter first ate with Gentiles to show Unity in Christ but later when he chose not to it divided the atmosphere in the Antioch Church, then other Jewish believers did the same.
Barnabas was a Levite from who also felt pressure like Peter to observe dietary laws as Jews believed
by not eating with them they returned under the law and discredited the Gospels promise of freedom in Christ.
regarding Judaizers, it is not for Gentiles to observe aspect of the Jewish Law
or customs Judaize(live in a Jewish way)
Jews believe being without the Law means being a sinner. thats why they would think Christ promotes sin, because Paul teaches justification in Christ requires abandoning the Law.
Crucified with Christ, would mean we died to our old self(former self). and be made new. New life is Christ lives in me, new identity, G_ds spirit empowers obedience.

Chapter 3

You receive the Spirit by believing what you heard.
G_d gives you his Spirit and works miracles among you.
Paul is concerned about the Galatians rejection of freedom in Christ as a ack of wisdom.
Paul"s preaching message is (Christ Crucified) short hand Gospel
possibly the agitators may told the Galatians that keeping the law would make them legitimate or mature believers.
G_d fulfills his promises.
G_d justifies us Gentiles by Faith, no one who relies on the Law is justified before G_d.
Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us. "cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole"
By Faith we receive the Promise of the Spirit.
Sons of Abraham are those who have Faith like him.
The Mystery, Gentiles being justified through Faith in Christ apart from Law has been G_ds plan
blessed meaning gift Holy Spirit and of Justification.
Its about Faith(complete Trust) not about ethnicity
Those who have Faith will be Blessed like Abraham the man of faith.
the right standing in G_ds eyes will live by Complete trust.
Faith is what matters to G_d, salvation has always come by Faith OT still had to have Faith that keeping the law would save them.
G_d did not intend fro the Law to make people righteous. it gave people a way to live Obediently under G_ds rule.
we are no longer threatened by condemnation because of G_ds provision, Christs death payment.
LIST of Jesus prophecy fulfillment
Those who does these things(law) will live by them.
G_d speeks
G_d is Grace and makes promises
G_d is one.
The promised comes through way of Faith in Christ to those who believe.
promised to Abraham
The Law was never intended to provide or way of experiencing the Promise inheritance.
the Laws purpose was to define Sin, no law no transgression, its to make one aware. and so increase, where sin increases Grace increase all the more.
the Law leads to divisions, rather than One family of Faith worshipping One G_d in Truth.
Purpose of the Law is to make all people aware of their need for deliverance from sin.
Paul suggest hat OT it appeared people were saved by the law but No, Abraham was saved by Faith.
In Christ we are all children of G_d through Faith, who were baptized into Christ,(allOne in Christ).
belonging to Christ means also you are Abrahams seed.
The law was a guardian in a way that kept peoples mindful of there condition and guided them to G_ds ways
Gentiles are adopted by way of Faith no need for adding the law it would only misguide them.
Faith in Christ tis the only requirement to enter the family of G_d.
Baptism is expression of Faith but not a necessity.
G_ds establishing One unified family.
Paul sees the finished work of Christ as the fulfillment of the covenant Gd made with Abraham.

Chapter 4

G_d Jesus???
who what when where why how
G_d sent his Son. now you are G_ds sons, His Spirit is in your hearts
Heir= one who inherits something
slave=one owned by another, ones servant
Guardian= the law
In Paul’s time children recieved there inheritance when they came of age. Under Roman law children could not exercise legal power so there status was that identical to a slave. like us here and 18years until not considered a minor.
elemental spirits may mean- water earth fire or spiritual powers like evil spirits demonic entities.
the life death and resurrection all occurred according to G_ds plan time.
Jesus born as a Jew
Redeem= to Buy Out
as adopted Sons we have inheritance.
G_d can be known, or rather he knows you
Christ can form in you
they were Gentile so they did not know G_d
Questions that come to mind
what are the miserable forces? 9
Law or maybe, Nature and other created forces, wind sun, fire
what special month days years? 10
astrology, or the traditions of the jewish culture, Judiazers
what is Paul like? 12
loving sacrifice.
what illness? 13
possibly eyesight problems
when did he first preach the gospel to them? 13
who are (those people) ? 17
Zealous? 17-18
Enthusiasm= being possessed by a god
eagerness to pursue something
Perplexed? 20
filled with uncertainty, difficulty
O Paul is stating a point, showing the law, showing one a slave and one free, born by flesh and born by divine promise.
I law meaning our own strength works, vs G_ds promise.
A do not try to take things into your own hands.
if they put themselves under the Law, culture traditions, circumsision, dietary, festivals. they would be rejecting G_ds gift and missing the purpose of the law.
Pauls interpretation is the True sons of Abraham are the children of the promise(Messiah Jesus) not the Law(Moses).
2 Covenants
O 1 slaves/Hagar in slavery with her children in Jerusalem.
I Jewish, Arabia Jersualem . fully working Law to earn approval from God
A walk in freedom which is Jerusalem from above G_ds heavenly dwelling place.
O Isaac,was the child, we are now children of promise. but Ishmael born of own strength persecuted children of promise. know that we are children of the free not he slave.
I Isaac promise, spirit, free Ishmael, works, flesh, slave
A live in Freedom in Christ not works of your strength.

Chapter 5

Christ Lord has set us free.
liberated from the Law
Yoke-wood bar around necks to keep in bondage to work, supposed to guide them but now it enslaves only enslaves them.
Freedom from law work to earn right standing.
Circumcision was a sign they were in Abrahamic covenant
christ already paid the full price to buy them back, and they were being influenced to go back into slavery.
to live under the Law is to not Trust in Christ finished work.
Law, those who chose the law would have to keep the whole law perfectly, (impossible). live under Law be judged by the law.
sinners not under law Perish
obeying TRUTH, who is truth, Jesus. who stopped you from obeying Jesus?
Confusion, who confuses-enemy influenced
through the Spirit have complete trust in Christ and right standing expressing it through Love.
G_d has a Kingdom that can be inherited
G_ds spirit is Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness,faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.
In contexts like this, the Greek word for flesh (sarx) refers to the sinful state of human beings, often presented as a power in opposition to the Spirit; also in verses , , and ; and in .
Paul’s point, Now that they are free from the law they should go and Love and serve one another.
vs 5:14 refers
18 “ ‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.
(Pauls point is that the law itself holds Love as the goal of law keeping.)
Live by the spirit in greek is better understood as Walk, meaning being under the spirits direction.
Flesh- refers to the human nature to cause people to put their selfish needs ahead of the needs of others.
Spirit- live in a way that reflect his character.
Kingdom of G_d= refers to the domain in which G_d is King, Believers extend his reign through Obedience, and Love. those who will not inherit the Kingdom is because they are trying to establish their own.
Crucified the flesh= believers participate in Christs death leaving there old being behind.
Die to old self, live new life in Christ directed by the Spirit.

Chapter 6

About G_d
we can live by his Spirit
Christ has a law, LOVE
G_d cannot be mocked
About text
Help other believers who are backsliding gently.
est yourself and do not be concerned with comparing your self to others
Share with leaders what the word is instructing you.
Sow spiritual things, and do good among one another.
In spirit of humility
Pauls encouraging Humility again so no pride
work of the Gospel everyone called to persue
do you part and work together to support body
help meet the needs in ministry
can live fleshly and reap spirit
be transformed by Spirit
good works reflect the love of G_d
Bless others by doing good, specially other believers
about G_d
the Cross of Lord Jesus is all to boast about
about text
its about being a new creation not being circumcised
Paul used scribes to write his letters, it may be that he relieved his scribe and finished the writing himself.
The agitators wanted to be recognized as Jews who followed the rules
Paul died to the values of the world.
What matters to Paul is Christ indwelling Spirit Power not circumcision
Paul see's his persecution as suffering he shares in Jesus crucifixion
Paul closes most of his letters with a reference of Grace.
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