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The Rise and Fall of an Empire

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An overview of the vision and intrepretation of the Ram and he-goat of Daniel chapter 8; prophesy to Daniel, history to us.

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We have already seen the rise and fall of the Babylonian Kingdom, today we see the rise of the Medo-Persian empire as established by Cyrus the great followed by the defeat of them by Alexander the Great, his rise, and the subsequent successors and the smaller horn (Antiochus Epiphanes IV) from the Seleucid kingdom (part of the divided kingdom of Greece after Alexanders death).
This chapter, as well as the book as whole, is written to sustain the people of God under pressure, under persecution, under judgment.

I. Date and location of the vision

The timing, dating here is easy to discern from the scripture, it tells us it was in the (Slide) 3rd year of Belshazzar the king (Babylonian king) so that puts the vision in 550BC.
Location: It is said, in the vision, to be at the (Slide) Citadel of Susa, beside the Ulai Canal

II. The Vision Related

A. (Slide) The Ram (8:3-4)
(Slide) A ram with two horns
(Slide) The Medes (who were in power under Darius
(Slide) The Persians (who became stronger under Cyrus)
- The Persians (who became stronger under Cyrus)
B. (Slide) The Goat (8:5-8)
(Slide) The Persians (who became stronger under Cyrus) He came to be known as Cyrus the great- God gave him the great power and like those before him abused that power and boasted of himself (Pride is a killer)
(Slide) No doubt who they are for it is revealed in (v.20) (The goat is the kingdom of Greece as revealed in (v.21)
- No doubt who they are for it is revealed in (v.20) (The goat is the kingdom of Greece as revealed in (v.21)
(Slide) No doubt who they are for it is revealed in (v.20)
B. (Slide) The Goat (vv.5-8)
The goat is the kingdom of Greece as revealed in (v.21)
This all transpires under Alexander the great (v.21)
With such verocity, such speed it is described in the vision as he (Alexander) did not touch the ground. Alexanders rise and fall all before age of 33 when d

(Slide) This is the Grecian Empire (kingdom)
(Slide) With speed, veracity Alexander the Great (at 33 he died of malaria but at the time was known to have conquered all the known world.
(Slide) At Alexanders death came 4 conspicuous horns (the divided kingd
Egypt to Ptolemy I
(Slide) Egypt to Ptolemy I
(Slide) Syria to Seleucus
(Slide) Asia Minor - Lysimachus
(Slide) Macedonia - Cassander
C. (Slide) The small (little) horn (8:9-14)
(Slide) The horn (small horn) is not the same as little horn in Chapter 7 - here we do not know the Identity yet, that is to come; but in chapter 7 we ID the little horn as Domitian
(Slide) The horn magnified itself trying making itself like an equal to the commander of the Host of Heaven (God).
(Slide) The horn caused some of the stars to fall to the earth (v.10) - The stars here, most commentators will agree, is a symbol for the saints, a shining light for God and the glorious ones (we will look at scriptural proof in just a minute) - this throwing down was to believe to started with the assassination of the high priest (Onias III) - if you want to read more on the history and descrecation of the temple in Jerusalem continue to read 1Mac1.
(Slide) The horn removed daily sacrifices (v.11) (look up and read 1Mac1:20-24 There could be no more worship in there after the temple had been descrated and an idol of Zeuss who Epiphanies worshiped was set up in the temple for a time. How long, we will get there in a minute
(Slide) Because of transgression the host would be handed over (v.12) - God is just and deals with sin, transgression and used Antiochus to persecute (pass judgment). Just like with God using Chaldeans as noted in Habakkuk to pass judgment, Epiphanies a form of an anti christ was a tool.
(Slide) Another part of the vision (vv.13-14)
(Slide) Daniel sees two angels (holy ones) speaking about how long was this going to go on
(Slide) The answer is 2300 evenings and mornings.
(Slide) All this until the holy place is restored.

III. The Vision Interpreted

A. (Slide) Daniel still wants understanding
(Slide) God dispatched Gabriel to tell Daniel (v.16)
(Slide) The interaction begins (vv. 17-19)
(Slide) Interesting phrase “time of the end” in (vv.17, 19)
The “time of the end” is used many times in scripture and must be defined in context and cannot automatically mean the end of time period
(slide) End of ones life - Mk13:13
(slide) End of ones life - Mk13:13
(Slide) End of ones life - Mk13:13
(Slide) End of Jewish age - Heb9:26
(Slide) The Last hour (1Jn2:18)
(Slide) End peace Jerusalem (Dan8:17)
Last judgment (Jn12:48)
(Slide) End of Jerusalem (Ezek7:6-8)
End of peace in Jerusalem (Dan8:17)
(Slide) End of Daniels life (Dan12:13)
End of Jerusalem (Ezek7:6-8)
Here in our passage we are talking about the end of peace in Jerusalem; Epiphanies was going to desecrate the temple after a time of peace there; but there was going to be an end to time, an appointed time for the end of the indignation (judgment) as noted in (v.19)
(Slide) Epiphanies demanded to be worshipped as a deity; though the jews could call him Epimanies = mad one.
B. (Slide) Gabriel’s description on the smaller (little) Horn (vv.24-26)
B. (Slide) Gabriel’s description of the smaller (Little) horn (vv.24-26)
(Slide) He would be powerful, but not by his power
(Slide) Epiphanies will be powerful, but not by his power (v.24)
Be was a great deceived, how he got the throne in first place
(Slide) He would be a great deceiver
(Slide) He would be a great destroyer
(Slide) He would destroy to a great degree
He would be a great destroyer
Be was a great deceived, how he got the throne in first place
(Slide) Final words from Gabriel
(Slide) It is true! - The vision will happen
(Slide) Keep this to yourself
(Slide) For this is for many days in the future - many days in the future, remember the vision was given in 550BC, the Seleucid Empire did not rise until 312 BC, Antiochus Epiphanies was king in 175BC. He died in 163 so here we have the 2300 days.
(Slide) So all this started in 550 BC and ended in 163 BC.
(Slide) - a sealed vision for many days in the future.
(Slide) Revelation is not a sealed book, it was to happen quickly.
He would cry peace and then bring a sword and kill thousands
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