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Hallowed Be Thy Name

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1 PETER 3:13-17

I.                    Introduction:

a.       No Other God’s

                                                               i.      Marriage: a relationship exclusive of all others

                                                             ii.      Lord’s Prayer. That Your Name be honored above all things in the earth.

1.      Distinct, held in high regard.

b.      Central Theme

                                                               i.      This idea is the central theme of the text today  

1.      Hallowing Christ as Lord.  That He has a place in our lives reserved for no other.

a.       Peter will explain why this is a beneficial way to live.

                                                             ii.      The fear of God conquers every other fear.

1.      An exhortation to live in bold confidence.

c.       Preview

                                                               i.      Format: Begin w/ a look at the introductory statement then we will move to the central theme

II.                 Can Any Harm Come to a Believer?

a.       The idea:  Peter is not saying that selfish and cruel individuals can inflict no pain upon you.

                                                               i.      Peter has been talking about suffering and living righteously.  This pssg gives comfort.

                                                             ii.      Having recognized all that God has done (Ch1), who they are in Him and that these are secure, not vulnerable to the whims of man they realize the impotence of men.

1.      There is no fiery ordeal, no trial, slander that can take your joy, the security of your salvation, peace.

b.      “If God is for me…?”

III.               Christ Set Apart as Lord

a.       V. 16.  Central Theme: what does it mean?

                                                               i.      One of a kind, He has no rival, w/o peer or substitute.

1.      He has the highest place in your life, the greatest value.

b.      Conjunction Junction:  Very important

                                                               i.      This command is set as an alternative to something else.

                                                             ii.      If you should suffer, do not fear BUT instead sanctify Christ…

c.       Isaiah 8

                                                               i.      Ahaz, King of Judah is facing a crisis, the Assyrian army.  Syria and Israel wanted Ahaz to join w/ them in an alliance but Ahaz refuse.

1.      Rock and hard place. 

2.      Isaiah reminds Ahaz that these are ungodly alliances and to trust in the Lord for his deliverance.  Let Him be your fear. 

d.      Do not fear their fear.

                                                               i.      *What do people fear today?  Financial collapse, retirement,

                                                             ii.      The antivenom.

1.      Putting Christ first is not an obligation to be fulfilled but a promise that brings blessing.

IV.              Making a Defense

a.       Sanctifying Christ is the alternative to fear. 

                                                               i.      Not only inwardly beneficial but honors God before others.

b.      Sanctify Christ by being able to make a credible defense to all who ask.

                                                               i.      Theme of Peter:  Outward behavior impacts those who do not believe.

c.       A life where Christ is set apart, characterized by fearlessness becomes a point of curiosity among pre-Christians.

                                                               i.      Give a reason for your hope.

1.      God has given me new life, never leaving.  He has set forth a great inheritance for me etc

2.      This was secured by the historical reality that Christ died for my sins according to the Scripture, raised again, and reconciled.

a.       Such crises cannot shake me from the realities of God’s promises.

                                                             ii.      You do not have to be a scholar:  Ask God.  What is the basis for my hope, why are You my treasure? Etc. This defense best comes from your personal encounter w/ the Risen Christ.

d.      Done w/ meekness and gentleness. The less certain the louder one talks.

                                                               i.      A well grounded deep seated conviction results in a confident explanation of what God has done

1.      Our job is not to win an argument or even prove a point but to make a defense.

e.       Summary:  Fearlessness shows our hope is unshakeable and is a clear testimony that our hope is real.  Fearlessness can only become real when Christ is first.

V.                 Conclusion

a.       Life’s ultimate purpose: Hallow the name of God.

                                                               i.      Not more stuff or even to work harder for Him in hopes of garnering greater favor from Him.

                                                             ii.      We honor God not by working harder for Him but by honoring Him.  This is done when He is set apart from all others and we realize He is our hope.

b.      How do we live in such a way that people glorify God? 

                                                               i.      When our hope is fearless, our testimony and conscience clear, shutting the mouths of those who may try to slander.

c.       Challenge

                                                               i.      Our Father, the One in heaven, Holy is Your Name

1.      How can I do this in my life today?

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