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What Is Important

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It was a 99-degree September day in San Antonio, when a 10-month-old baby girl was accidentally locked inside a parked car by her aunt. Frantically the mother and aunt ran around the auto in near hysteria, while a neighbor attempted to unlock the car with a clothes hanger. Soon the infant was turning purple and had foam on her mouth.

It had become a life-or-death situation when Fred Arriola, a wrecker driver, arrived on the scene. He grabbed a hammer and smashed the back window of the car to set her free.

Was he heralded a hero? Arriola reported, "The lady was mad at me because I broke the window." "I just thought, What's more important--the baby or the window?"

In our lives, what's more important?

(1) Doing God's will or doing our own will.

(2) According to Jesus, it is God's will. Serving the Lord is far more important than serving ourselves.

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