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In the chemistry class we learned how acids act on different substances. In the course of our experiment the professor gave us a bit of gold and told us to dissolve it. We left it all night in the strongest acid we had, and tried combinations of acids, then finally told him we thought that gold could not be dissolved. He smiled and said, "I knew you could not dissolve gold," he said; "none of the acids you have there will attack it; but try this," and he handed us a bottle labeled "Nitromuriatic Acid (Aqua Regia)."

We poured some of its contents into the tube that held the piece of gold; and the gold that had resisted so easily all the other acids quickly disappeared in the "royal water." The gold at last had found its master.

The next day in the classs room the professor asked, "Do you know why it is called Royal Water?"

"Yes," we replied, "it is because it is the master of gold, which can resist almost anything else that can be poured on it."

Then he said, "Boys, it will not hurt the lesson today if I take time to tell you that there is one other substance that is just as impervious as gold; it cannot be touched or changed, though a hundred attempts are made upon it. That substance is the sinful heart. Trial and affliction, riches and honor, imprisonment and punishment will not soften or master it. Education and culture will not dissolve and purify it. There is but one element that has power over it -- the blood of Christ the Savior, the aqua regia of the soul

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