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Advent 1st Candle - Purple

The first candle is the prophet’s candle, the candle of expectation and waiting.

Hundreds of years before Jesus was born the prophets told people about Jesus.

They told:

            Where he would be born

            Whose family he would come from

            And that he would be a king to save them.

So they waited hundreds of years.

We wait for Christmas, excited about the birth of Christ, excited about the gifts we will receive.

But most important we are excited about the gift of Jesus Christ that God gave us and continues to give us.

 Advent 2nd Candle - Purple

Shepherd’s candle – Joy

Last week we talked about the Prophet’s candle and the hope of waiting on the birth of Jesus, Christmas.

What is your favorite candy?  Why?

I like suckers.  Because they last a long time. It is hard to hurry through a sucker. If you do it right it lasts a long time. You could bite it but it wouldn’t be as good.  You have to slow down and take your time.  Especially blow pops.

Christmas is the same way. You can hurry through it but it won’t be as good.  But, if you do it right it is really good.

This week’s candle is the Bethlehem candle, the candle of peace.  Bethlehem was a busy place.  People were coming in from all over to be counted.  The hotels were full.  Everybody was busy.  They were too busy to notice that Jesus was coming.

We get busy during Christmas. There are gifts to buy, parties to go to, family get-togethers. Sometimes we get so busy we forget what Christmas is about. The Bethlehem candle reminds us to slow down and enjoy Christmas.

Advent 3rd Candle - Purple


Shepherd’s candle Joy

Shepherds in the field watching their sheep.  An angel appeared and they were terrified.  The angel said, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy.”

The shepherds went to see the baby Jesus.  They were filled with joy.

They went around telling people about the angel and Jesus because they were filled with joy.  I brought a different kind of joy, an Almond Joy.  When you eat it, it taste sweet and makes you feel good inside.  But that joy goes away.  When you accept Jesus, you receive the sweetest gift that God ever gave and He makes you feel good inside.

Advent 4th Candle - Pink

Mary’s Candle - Love

We talk about love all the time.  I just love that dress you’re wearing.  I love chocolate ice cream. I love that song. I love New York.   What do you love? 

Mary knew that she would give birth to God’s Son, Jesus. Mary knew how much God loved us. The Bible tells us that, "God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life."  As much as Mary loved the baby Jesus, God loves us even more. Advent 5th Candle - White

Christ Candle

The white candle reminds us of the birth of Christ.  For weeks we have thought about Christmas. We have thought about the food we will eat, the presents that we will get. We have sung Christmas songs and performed Christmas plays.  All of this has been leading up to Christmas.  We will get all kinds of gifts. 

The Christ candle reminds us that the light of the world, Jesus, was born on Christmas day.  With every gift we open we should remember God’s gift to us.  Each time we watch someone open a gift we should remember god’s gift to us.

If I gave you a Christmas gift what would you do with it?  Would you tell me, “No, I don’t want your gift?”  Would you take a gift and not open it?

Don’t let God’s gift go unopened. Accept his gift, Jesus.

I have a gift for each one of you.

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