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Advent Bethlehem Candle

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Last week we talked about the Prophet’s candle and the hope of waiting on the birth of Jesus, Christmas.

What is your favorite candy?  Why?

I like suckers.  Because they last a long time. It is hard to hurry through a sucker. If you do it right it lasts a long time. You could bite it but it wouldn’t be as good.  You have to slow down and take your time.  Especially blow pops.

Christmas is the same way. You can hurry through it but it won’t be as good.  But, if you do it right it is really good.

This week’s candle is the Bethlehem candle, the candle of peace.  Bethlehem was a busy place.  People were coming in from all over to be counted.  The hotels were full.  Everybody was busy.  They were too busy to notice that Jesus was coming.

We get busy during Christmas. There are gifts to buy, parties to go to, family get-togethers. Sometimes we get so busy we forget what Christmas is about. The Bethlehem candle reminds us to slow down and enjoy Christmas.

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