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Musician Breathes Life

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Instrument Musician breathes life into it

What is this (some type of musical instrument). It is very beautifully made.

What does it do?  Makes music. 

The musician has to breathe life into it.  If not it is just noise.  When a musician plays, he has a plan called music.

St. Francis who lived a long time ago prayed, “Lord make me an instrument of your peace.”  He knew that he was like a musical instrument – beautifully made and with a purpose.  But by himself he was nothing.  He knew that God could breathe life into him and do beautiful things with him.

Each one of you is an instrument that God can do beautiful things with.

I love to hear Ms. Letha play the piano. I love to hear the beautiful music that comes from it.  Have you ever looked inside a piano? It is a wonderfully crafted musical instrument.  A master craftsman built it to play wonderful music. But by itself it is nothing.

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