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Mindful Things

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Mindful Things

What where you thinking comes to mind,

In thoughts aloof in dreams I find.

I thought so, was my ruse,

In my own well pondered views.

As if alone my actions plot their course

Absent of my compassed musings as their source.

I am therefore I think is not the scam

Rather the scheme is in I think therefore I am.

Consider this in view of that,

Consider that in view of this,

Where the one is where I’ve been,

The other’s where I’m going.

Who knows for certain if the chicken preceded the egg?

It matters little of which mull over you take.

But weigh up this and for sure you’ll find,

Your premeditated thoughts will fill up your mind.

Alas there sowing, ever-in-the-know and in-the-now seeds

 For whatever you are thinking will predetermine your deeds.

Therefore mind your manners, for your manners will

Remind you

As they govern most all your doings be it in relished reminiscence

Or in daunting deja vu. 

-Keith B. Coates

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