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Fishers of Men

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How do you catch a fish?        The way you catch a fish is: put food the fish will like on a line and throw it out.  If the fish takes the food but you don’t catch it, what do you do?  Do you quit, or say OOOH, there are fish out there.  You keep throwing the food out there and eventually you will catch a hungry fish.

Did you know that Jesus told his followers that he would make them fishers of men?

Do you think Jesus meant to use a fishing pole with bait and hook to catch them and reel them in?

Just like fishing, Jesus wanted his followers to understand what would happen when they tried to tell people about him.  Sometimes when we tell people about Jesus it seems that nothing happens and all they do is eat the bait.  Sometime when we tell people about Jesus, they may nibble at the bait, “tell me more about it.”  Other times we may catch people for Jesus.  They want to know more, and want to follow Jesus Hook-Line-and-Sinker.

Just like when we go fishing, we don’t know exactly what kind of fish we will catch.  And when we fish for Jesus Christ, we don’t know what kind of people we will catch --- men, women, boys, girls…

There are always hungry fish in the water.  There are always people hungry to learn about Jesus and accept Him as their savior.

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