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God's Loves Us: It's His caring, Saving, and Upholding Love

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Love unconditionally

God’s love is the strength behind our care, salvation, and the abiding love. A love which knows no boundaries, withholds not from us, always prepared to supplies our needs, protection - - - though we may seek to ignore the giver until we realize without Him we can attain nothing… often we we imitate Nicodemus calling on Yeshua when there is no one present. Afraid of the weakness with which we will be accused, yet we do not boldly reach to God at all times. God gives His love unrelentingly - all is needed to allow our faith to keep in the sphere of that undying love. We have membership in the kingdom of God - boldly … for it only as God permits and with eyes upon the hills from whence comes our help; He demonstrates His each day for when we open our eyes each day yet able to move and rejoice that He alone is God.
From we draw understanding of the comment ‘water and spirit’ in their relation far water is the cleansing of impurities [the cleansing comes of God for we cannot cleanse ourselves of the impurities we have attracted as iron to the magnet] as the spirit/new spirit [flesh born of flesh is unable to put on the immortal, only the blessing of God can expunge the contrast which is blocking] pointing to the transformation we must make in the heart as we repent and seek God in His kingdom.
Our self-importance is able to block our view of the love God has for each, let another speak well of you rather than you lighting the fire to have hot air to inflate the balloon, for we stand before the Lord - Scripture informs us the Lord looks beyond the exterior to see the interior of each (); we hold ourselves stubbornly in our independence - it is not our love for self that bodes well rather it is the love of our God. God is still undoing the guilt and power of sin in lives of man yet today as the claim which each has is not proclaimed verbally in action through faith. The proclaimed blessings which is ours: for we are to escape the eternal death that we deserve and to gain the everlasting life we do not deserve. The everlasting life that is life in God’s fulfilled promise; restored to His His ideal, characterized by by the faith to which each have been given our own measure not our siblings, mother’s or father’s - it is the life which Yeshua told that awaited all believers - for He took sin captive winning for all the battle which was the wall between and the kingdom. He remove the barrier when He gave His life. We cannot keep ourselves in heart-frame Nicodemus stalled in - must not all unbelief to become concrete boots in our hearts ‘whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life - do not stop at v16 because v17 gives the joy ‘For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn it but in order that world might be saved through Him. Whoever believes is not condemned
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