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Come let us Worship together -Rope

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Come let us Worship together

I brought a piece of rope this morning.  This looks like a pretty strong piece of rope.  Do you think that we can break it very easily?  I don’t think so.

Do you know how a rope is made? Let me show you.  If we look close we see that it is actually made up of three smaller ropes.  And each of the smaller ropes is made up of single strings that can be easily broken.

Our church is like this rope. It is made up of smaller groups like our Sunday School classes, and our classes are made up of individuals.  As a complete group we are incredibly strong and can do mighty things for God.  When we are by ourselves Satan can attack us because we are not as strong as when we are together.

We are weak when we are separated and strong when we are together.

Come let us worship together.

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