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20 Ways to Train Bad Kids

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1. Never eat together as a family.

2. Never have weekly, monthly, or annual family outings that they can look forward to as a family unit.

3. Talk to your children, not with them; never listen.

4. Punish your children in public, and never praise them or reinforce their positive behavior.

5. Always solve their problems; make their decisions for them.

6. Leave the responsibility of teaching morality arid spiritual training to the schools and the church.

7. Never let your children experience cold, fatigue, adventure, injury, risk, challenge, experimentation, failure, frustration, discouragement, and so on.

8. Threaten your children (e.g., “If you ever try drugs or alcohol, I’ll punish you”).

9. Expect your children to get A’s in all subjects in school.

10. Always pick up after your children, and don’t encourage them to accept responsibility.

11. Discourage your children from talking about their feelings (anger, sadness, fear, etc.).

12. Be overprotective, and don’t teach your child the meaning of the word “consequence.”

13. Make your children feel that their mistakes are sins.

14. Put your children off when they ask “Why’?” and tell them, “Because I said so,”

15. Lead your children to believe that you are perfect and infallible.

16. Keep your home atmosphere in a state of chaos.

17. Never tell your children how much you love them, and never discuss your feelings with them.

18. Never hug them or display affection in front of them.

19. Always expect the worse, and never give them the benefit of the doubt.

20. Don’t ever trust them.

Contributed by: Rick Davis

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