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The "Buts" of the Ressurection

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“Buts” of the Resurrection
I. Introduction
A. There is only one Question about Life, Death, and Eternity
1. Is Christ risen?
2. The question of the Pharisees
a. “What sign showest thou?” ()
b. “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up” ()
B. The Greatest Chapter on the Resurrection
1. Paul’s letter to a troubled church
a. Divisions, carnality, immorality, confusion, and victory
b. Paul ends his letter with truth about resurrection
2. Three verses, (13, 20, 57), all beginning with the same word—BUT
II. Body
A. But … if There be no Resurrection (v. 13)
1. The frightening prospect of no resurrection
2. “What-ifs” of history
a. Christopher Columbus had not made his voyage
b. Martin Luther had not dared stand for truth
c. Adolph Hitler had pushed his advantage and taken England
3. Perhaps you have some “What-if” of life that frightens you
4. None compare with this: “but if no resurrection?”
a. All preaching would be vain
(1) Great sermons of Paul and other apostles
(2) Great preachers of the ages: Wesley, John Knox, Spurgeon, Moody, etc.
(3) Write them off as useless
b. All faith is vain … empty … useless
(1) Faith is trust … dependence
(2) Faith brings salvation … blessing
c. Ye are yet in your sins
d. The dead are perished … no hope of heaven
B. But … Now is Christ Risen from the Dead (v. 20)
1. The shout of triumph: He lives!
2. No more “ifs”
3. Therefore, all the former has meaning
a. Gospel preaching is true
b. Faith is sure … brings salvation … dependable
c. Sins are forgiven … the record is clear … the load lifted
d. Christians go to heaven when they die and will be resurrected when Jesus returns
4. Suppose it’s all true! It is all true: Christ is risen!
C. But Thanks be to God who Giveth us the Victory (v. 57)
1. Dangling again for a time
2. Death … the grave … sin … law
3. But Christians are not bound
a. Victory over death
b. Victory over sin
c. Victory over the law
d. Victory over the grave
4. What a great day! What a great message!
III. Conclusion
A. Therefore … (v. 58)
1. Responsibility follows truth
2. Always abounding
B. Act on Positive Truth. Leave the Negatives Behind[1]
[1] Campbell, R. F. (1997). Preach for a year (pp. 69–70). Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications.
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