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Praise Changes Things

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Psalm 148:1-14

Praise Changes Things! Try It!

Mrs. Chas. -E. Cowman tells of a missionary in dark China who was living a defeated life. Everything seemed to be touched with sadness and although he prayed and prayed for months for victory over depression and discouragement, his life remained the same. He determined to leave his work and go to an interior station and pray till victory came. He reached the place and was entertained in the home of a fellow Missionary. On the wall hung a motto with these words, "Try Thanksgiving." The words gripped his heart and he thought within himself, "Have I been praying all this time and not praising?" He stopped and began to praise and was so uplifted that instead of hiding away to pray and agonize for days he immediately returned to his waiting flock to tell them that praise changes things. Wonderful blessing attended this simple testimony and the bands that had bound others were loosened through praise.

The Missionary Worker

1. Praise began at the dawn of time - Job 38:4-7

2. Praise continues in the Twilight of time - Rev. 19:1-7

3. The last word in the Bible is a note of Praise - AMEN

- Ps 148 - Every created thing in the universe has a capacity to

Praise the Lord

- Westminster Shorter Catechism

1. What is the chief end of man?

- Man’s chief end is to glorify God & to enjoy Him Forever

- Your Purpose in life is to Praise God - Is 43:21

- Is this only OT teaching? - Eph. 1:11-12

- Why is it that Praise is not constantly in our life?

- Is it because we don’t know that we are to praise?

- Is it because of sin?

- Is it because we don’t believe?

- Blessing comes about through Praise

- We are enriched & broadened through Praise

- Ps. 67:5-7

Not to manipulate God

- The presence or absence or Praise is the pivotal in any situation

Ill. The time I did not trust my compass - Always pointing North

-”In Any Situation”? ----- Philip 4:4-6 -------- Thes. 5:16-17

- Even in times of Pain & Suffering -- Ps. 50:23

-- Jn. 16:33

1. Because of Sin you got into trouble -- Jonah

Jonah praised in the belly of the fish Jonah 2:1-9

2. Because of Right you got ito trouble -- Acts 16:20-26

Paul & Silas praised in prison

3. Because of trouble you face trouble -- II Cron 20

Jehosaphat praised going to battle

- So Why Praise?

P - Pleases the Lord

R - Raises your Spirit

A - Arouses your Productivity

I - Instils Peace & Confidence

S - Stimulates Enthusiasm

E - Expands & Extends your vision

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