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We Have Different Gifts

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We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. Romans 12:6 (NIV)

apple tree which God had created. young tree, no leaves or fruit. Saw brilliant stars and was very unhappy. wished for sparkling stars on his branches so that he too would be beautiful.

God noticed tree was unhappy, & said to him, "Let me make something for you. I will dress you up in beautiful shades of green so that you will be beautiful to behold. Then you will not be so unhappy."

was not content with God's plan. "I do not want green leaves, I want stars." The next morning the tree saw that God had not given him stars, but green leaves. And the tree frowned upon it.

"I want stars," but instead, God gave him beautiful red fruit. even more unhappy. The wind saw how unhappy the apple tree was and the wind became unhappy too. The wind tried to set the apple tree free of the leaves and the fruit. Some of the leaves and fruit fell to the ground. One piece of fruit broke into two pieces right in the middle. When the tree looked upon the broken fruit, guess what he saw? (Slice the apple in half and show it to the children. When you slice apple horizontal in the middle you will see the shape of a star.) Inside the fruit was the shape of a star!

Many times you and I, like the apple tree in the story, want a special gift like one God has given to someone else. We may even try to give God instructions as to what is best for us. We must remember that God gives each of us special gifts as he deems best. When we rejoice in the gifts he has given us and use them to do his work, then we will shine like the stars.

Father, help us to be content with the work that you do in us, and to use the gifts which you give us to be a blessing to others. Amen.

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