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Do you know what sin is?

The Bible tells us that sin is when we do something wrong.

Let’s look at it this way.  This pitcher of water is us.  Let’s say that we tell a lie.

Take something that doesn’t belong to us. Say something bad about someone. Mean to someone.

Pretty yucky isn’t it.

So how do we fix it when we have sinned?

The Bible says that when we invite Jesus into our heart he will forgive our sins. It says that he cleans us whiter than snow.  Watch!

Jesus forgives our sins immediately but the effects of what we do last for a little while.  It takes people time to get over being hurt.  It takes time for people to heal when they have had a lot of bad things in their life.  But Jesus keeps forgiving and healing.

This looks pretty clear, but keep an eye on it, or come back and see what it looks like after church.

 Pitcher of Water, Red Food color and Bleach

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